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Is it worth the trouble to talk about Billy Bragg?

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N0RKS · 01/06/2023 20:39

….or are we just BORED of him now?

OP posts:
donquixotedelamancha · 01/06/2023 20:39

I'm sure he appreciates the attention.

Redshoeblueshoe · 01/06/2023 20:40

I blocked him ages ago, but I do enjoy watching JKR ripping him to shreds

Slaistery · 01/06/2023 20:41

Grey rock

QueenHippolyta · 01/06/2023 20:45

I have to admit I enjoy the idiocy that comes out of his mouth. He basically told the world that he's never heard of a clitoris.

dapsnotplimsolls · 01/06/2023 20:55

He's already been slagged off on the KS threads.

dapsnotplimsolls · 01/06/2023 20:57

Not sure we should boost his ego any more 😎

JanesLittleGirl · 01/06/2023 21:12

I have house plants with more intelligence and self awareness than BB.

ApocalipstickNow · 01/06/2023 21:16

I don’t think he’ll ever realise how little he thinks of women, but I’m sure he thinks he’s v v v pro feminism (as long as women are listening to his opinions on it.)

DirtyDuchess · 01/06/2023 21:25


Heliotroper · 01/06/2023 23:38

Anyone know if Julie Bindel sued him?

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