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More proof that the Met don't care about women

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Hoardasurass · 01/06/2023 17:52

Manhunt after stranger throws boiling liquid at woman on the street
It has taken the met 7 months to release pictures of the man who attacked this woman and ask the public for help. After so long the chances of someone remembering anything helpful is almost zero.
This is so depressing what possible reason could they have had for leaving women at risk of similar attacks and from the look of things doing nothing after collecting cctv footage for 7 months it's disgraceful

Manhunt after stranger throws boiling liquid at woman on the street

A woman was left in a London hospital last November after a stranger threw boiling liquid at her in a random street attack, as police today appeal for help in their hunt for the man.

OP posts:
Felix125 · 02/06/2023 18:42

They only release pictures to the mainstream press when all other lines of enquiry to identify them have gone.

By releasing the image to the media, it causes all sorts of problems for ID procedures.

The suspect can now always fall back on the defence "I was picked out of the ID parade because my image has been broadcast across the media"

And if that is the only link between the suspect and the crime - then its an uphill battle to get it through CPS

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