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HOWL - History of Women’s Liberation web site launch and invitation to contribute

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IwantToRetire · 31/05/2023 17:17

The main aim of HOWL is to collect and publish the memories and stories of feminists involved in any of the many layers of the UK Women’s Liberation Movement.

This website is a ‘work in progress’. We imagine it growing, shifting and developing as more and more older feminists contribute to its content.

You are invited to become part of HOWL. You will find ways to communicate with HOWL – and straightforward directions on how to contribute – by clicking the button ‘Stories/Memories – Add your story

Let the rich, united, divided, contradictory, joyful, difficult, amazing, ordinary and banal years of the WLM be recorded in our own words. This is our story. Our history.

(I am sure this will be interesting but also, as someone once said, "recollections may vary")

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