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My organisation is still posting links to mermaids

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Jammymare · 31/05/2023 03:47

Internal comms about how we can add our pronouns to teams includes a link to mermaids.

I have been lying here awake since 3am warring with myself, but I really do think I need to challenge this, particularly as this is a LGA and I have just completed my mandatory safeguarding training.

Please could you help me formulate a concise and professional summary of why they should not be referencing mermaids? I have to DofE link already, but I am struggling to stop this turning into a rant.

Thanks so much in advance

OP posts:
lakesummer · 31/05/2023 04:14

I would keep it really simple.
Mermaids is being investigated by Charity Commission so let's use an alternative charity. Link to alternative charity that is more balanced and not under investigation.

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