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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

HereForTheFreeLunch · 24/03/2023 19:45

Thank you. Will watch it later


NecessaryScene · 24/03/2023 19:59

Another random Friday thing from 4-5 years ago:

From the vaults
From the vaults
From the vaults

ArabellaScott · 24/03/2023 20:26

Aw, lovely to see that again.

And this. Grin

From the vaults
OP posts:

RealityFan · 24/03/2023 21:01

I remember that furore about the Women = Adult Human Female stickers and posters that went virally around, Liverpool?, was it 2017, 2018?
And thinking to myself, this is crazy, people are going batshit crazy over stickers worded LITERALLY as the Oxford English Dictionary.
And here we are, 6 years later, in an escalating weaponised Groundhog Day, where girls' and women's rights are still under enormous strain, and the "progessive" left and Labour Party in particular still suffer a massive panic attack if you were to ask any of Starmer's team if they agreed with Kellie's sticker.


Signalbox · 24/03/2023 21:12

That’s around the time I peaked.


Hepwo · 24/03/2023 21:27

She's still standing for women.

I first met KJ when I turned up before the parliament meeting shortly after that first video.

I went deliberately early because KJK and Venice had media there and wanted women to go on record and as someone unafraid to put my face on my principles I joined in the filming.

There were no repercussions.

I work in HR at a central London university.

I've never been forced to hide.

I regularly do Equality Impact assessments were I record that the law doesn't treat gender reassignment as changing sex for all purposes.

Senior management have never disagreed with me or made any adverse comments.

I felt empowered to be this way by the short arse that is KJK.

I'm a short arse woman too and I stand up for women.

It's quite funny to me hearing how scary us short arse women with our perfectly normal opinions are so fuvkin terrifying.

In fact it made me realise that my tiny woman opinions are bigger and better than any 6 foot odd fellas opinions. I knew that already but it was a fabulous endorsement.

Thanks KJK


RealityFan · 24/03/2023 21:46

The Kellie stickers. And the Oberlin College fiasco.
As a double whammy at the time, unbeatable, and I've been peaked ever since.
Like the gaslighting of Brexit, but worse because trans activism is seemingly supported by almost everyone on the "progessive" left, MSM, academia etc, this phenomenon has totally rinsed me, and severed any links I had to feeling kinship with "polite society", trusting the MSM, trusting Labour as a party to believe in and safely vote for.
Painful but liberating. And Kellie was there to ride the wave of my peaking. What a long 6-7 years it's been.

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