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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

US: how many trans folk medically transition?

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WaterThyme · 24/03/2023 14:53

According to the Washington Post a survey in the US for them and KFF, a Kaiser health foundation:

“Less than a third [of trans people surveyed] have used hormone treatments or puberty blockers, and about 1 in 6 have undergone gender-affirming surgery or other surgical treatment to change their physical appearance.”

What’s more, most aren’t transmen or transwomen:

”62 percent majority of trans adults identify as “trans, gender non-conforming” or “trans, non-binary,”

Most of the survey was about trans health and well-being with some comparisons to those who are not trans.

The Guardian reported on the front page of the printed paper today that “Majority of trans adults are happier after transitioning” and didn’t mention the stats about medical transitioning or not either there or online. What a surprise!

Link to Washington Post article:

Link to survey details on KFF site:

Link to Guardian article:

KFF/The Washington Post Trans Survey

The KFF/Washington Post Trans survey is the most in-depth representative survey of the life experiences of transgender adults in the U.S., including how they define themselves, their childhood expe…

OP posts:

Delphinium20 · 24/03/2023 15:48

This is interesting. I saw research by Pew Institute that estimates trans people to be roughly 1.6% of population.

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