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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Federal Judge effectively no platformed at Stanford Law School for unwillingness to accept pronouns

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Needmoresleep · 15/03/2023 19:03

This report:

was sympathetically covered in the Washington Post.

One spectacular quote from the WP article.

“Before reading this, watch the nine-minute video, widely available online, of last week’s mob victory at Stanford Law School. Note especially Tirien Steinbach, who, you should not be shocked to learn, is the law school’s associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion. Pseudo-intellectual smugness and moral cowardice apparently are necessary and sufficient prerequisites for DEI careers — there are many thousands of them — enforcing campus orthodoxies.”

US mainstream media seem, finally, to be realising there is a problem.

OP posts:

Needmoresleep · 15/03/2023 19:09

Sorry, just reading the comments which are very mixed. Unpopular judge, controversial columnist, intolerant students.

A mess.

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Genesis1v27 · 15/03/2023 19:15

The story is pretty crazy. Have a look at what student activists did to Jenny Martinez, Dean of Stanford Law School:


TheBiologyStupid · 15/03/2023 20:00

Yes, the students' reaction to Martinez's apology is terrible. And SLS's offer of support to the Federalist Society students was inappropriate, too:


KatMcBundleFace · 21/03/2023 18:01

This story is utterly terrifying. There needs to be proper disaplinary action against the students.


FOJN · 21/03/2023 18:35

Stanford? These are the polticians of the future. Humanity is doomed.


Needmoresleep · 24/03/2023 06:46

This continues to be curious, and to be creating waves in the US. The Mail now reports on an interview with the Diversity Equality and Inclusion Dean in the WSJ who apparently continues to double down on her defense of the protesting students.

The protests seem to stem from the judges refusal to allow a transgender paedophile to change their name. And suggests that the students were not aware of the full context. Presumably more to come.

Stanford law dean who challenged judge BRAGS about incident via

Stanford law dean who challenged judge BRAGS about incident

Tirien Steinbach has broken her silence in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal where she brags about her behavior, and claims she was only there to 'deescalate' the situation.

OP posts:

Florissant · 24/03/2023 07:41

I am glad to see Stanford students demonstrating tolerance to people who hold different views.


Needmoresleep · 24/03/2023 09:25

I wish the main stream media would start doing their job and report things accurately. I read the Mail through a "they would say that wouldn't they" filter.

I respect that their reporting on gender issues is strong, but at the same time they have their readership, and they are writing for them.

At least we have the Mail/Times/Telegraph/Spectator and Mumsnet. Which is more than, say, Ireland. The US is also in a mess as the newpapers of record are not doing their journalistic job. It is easy to blame "the far right media" stoking up "gender wars", but a moment of introspection is needed.

People do know. They know from their daily lives. Gender questioning nieces, having to mangle their language at work, the blatant unfairness of someone like Lia Thomas. Six years ago I was in Chicago and mentioned gender bollocks to a teacher in a Catholic High School. She was astonished. "You can't say that!" then followed up with issues already becoming apparent in a neighbouring high school where a boy, or rather "girl", was insisting on accessing girls changing rooms, to the unease of teachers who were unable to prevent it. She blamed Illinois Democratic Governor Pritzker (his relative Jennifer Pritzker is a high profile transwoman), implying one more vote for the Republicans.

If they can't step up and handle the gender issue as adults, left of centre politicians/media/supporters will end up paying.

I would be curious to know how the US readership of the Mailonline and Spectator is faring. My guess is that they are benefitting from being able to report reasonably accurately.

OP posts:

Needmoresleep · 24/03/2023 11:19

Sorry to keep posting on my own thread, but this is the Spectator's take.

(Some good points about the opportunity cost to the tradition of intellectual and academic enquiry, but weirdly personal. Though maybe because I am a Brit.)

Stanford Law has a Trigglypuff problem

The Stanford activists offered no counterview and made no genuine effort at discourse. It was breaking, not making

OP posts:
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