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Sall Grover Being Awesome

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Aroundtheriverbend · 25/01/2023 08:00

I don't know if someone has already shared this but Sall Grover's response at the Legal Affairs and Safety Committee (Queensland) were so clear and articulate, although helped by the woman addressing her sounding supremely unconfident in the points she was making.

OP posts:
TheSnowWillGoOn · 25/01/2023 08:10

Who is the other woman? They just follow a script don't they? And don't have to provide any evidence for their nonsense.

HagoftheNorth · 25/01/2023 08:11

well done Sall

I do hate the way politicians refer to other jurisdictions with self-id legislation as having no increase in risk when a) there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that it does, b) the legislation deliberately changes the way data is captured so no proper analysis can be made, c) logically it’s obvious that it would and d) a journalist in Belgium I think, who did go after it said she was blocked and threatened at every turn.

Nothing to see here 🙄

Helleofabore · 25/01/2023 08:37

And they say there is no evidence.

This is gaslighting on a massive worldwide scale.

MissPollysFitDolly · 25/01/2023 09:59

My goodness.

This article was linked from that twitter thread (

Prison authorities are actually locking women up in cells with these men, they were sharing a cell!

On the current topic: Sall Grover was very articulate and confident in that clip, well done her. The other woman was wittering on about 'interacting in a space of gender fluidity' 🙄

ArabellaScott · 25/01/2023 10:33

It's astonishing. Excellent work, Sall.

I liked this tweet:

'When we peak, we practically get honorary PhDs in Gender Ideology. When our employers have the audacity to suggest we take part in gender inclusivity brothers in christ, there is nothing new you can teach me about this nonsense.'

JustWaking · 25/01/2023 13:01

The lack of logic is so completely infuriating.

There are predatory people in every domain, so there's no increased risk in housing men in women's prisons.

Same logic as:

There are burglars in every city, so there's no increased risk in leaving your front door wide open when you go away on holiday. No takers??

Waitwhat23 · 25/01/2023 13:07

I love Sall. The image below is a brilliant quote from her which I have used many times!

Sall Grover Being Awesome
Longdarkteatimeofthesoul · 01/06/2023 02:36

Just want to bump this as it is a really important case for women's rights in Oz! We are very much behind the UK in this arena and a little gardening for the cause is always appreciated too!

Delphinium20 · 01/06/2023 03:29

Way to to, Sal!!! The New Jersey example is excellent and obviously the woman questioning you had no idea. Also, imagine not knowing that Nicola Sturgeon was brought down because of MALE RAPISTS in women's prisons!

Coyoacan · 01/06/2023 03:52

Prison authorities are actually locking women up in cells with these men, they were sharing a cell!

The inhumanity of it all.

At least in Ireland the prison officers keep the trans prisoners separate from the women, despite the authorities wanting them all mixed up

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