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Dr Victoria Bateman (the naked Brexit protest woman)

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Terfing · 12/02/2019 22:55

I'm a bit sick of Brexit, but this lady has cheered me up a bit! However, the comments she's been getting have been quite vile.

Basically, she has been protesting Brexit (she's a remainer) completely naked. All her protests are on her Twitter feed. Guido Fawkes gives an overview here:

Anyway, a lot of the abuse she's been getting focuses on her pubic hair. Sadly, these seem to be the most "liked" comments too...

Personally, I think this woman has a gorgeous body! I wish I looked that good naked. I also think that her body confidence is fantastic!

OP posts:
QuietContraryMary · 13/02/2019 00:31

She's a 'SWERF' hater, fwiw.

I think I agree to an extent with Guido that it's hard to describe something as a 'protest' when she does it constantly anyway?

notangelinajolie · 13/02/2019 00:45

The woman is a serial naked protester and I think she needs to keep her clothes on.

Caucho · 13/02/2019 01:24

Attention seeker. Even if her arguments are sound you can see why she’s not taken seriously through such stunts. It’s not even a specific woman’s or feminist issue. It’s just embarrassing and paints university academia in a bad light through no fault of the majority

HouseOfMouse · 13/02/2019 01:57

She has a book coming out next month, so I assume all this is just drumming up publicity for the book.

zippey · 13/02/2019 02:04

Think she is using her feminist stance to say that women should be able to do what they want with thier bodies. A bit like the Scottish naked rambler.

MargueritaPink · 13/02/2019 09:08

The naked rambler , Stephen Gough, spent a large amount of time in prison. She is a silly attention seeker and is fortunate the law on public nudity wasn't applied equally.

Terfing · 13/02/2019 21:40

She's allowed to support sex work if she wants.

My issue with the current situation is the verbal abuse she's getting over her pubic hair. It's appalling.

OP posts:
DoughnutCowboy · 13/02/2019 21:49

Imagine if a male professor did this! He'd be branded a pervert.

MargueritaPink · 13/02/2019 21:51

She's allowed to support sex work if she wants

And I'm allowed to decide she is wrong on that. If we're going to get all hung up about who is an acceptable ally (the subject of several recent threads) or not pro-pimp lobbyists are ones I'll pass on.

My issue with the current situation is the verbal abuse she's getting over her pubic hair. It's appalling

I don't know - the only things I have seen are the Guido links which didn't, as far as I can see, make any mention of that.

AnyOldPrion · 13/02/2019 21:53

I’m not interested in what she has to say, but like you OP, I was appalled at the comments. The attitudes people have towards body hair are both pathetic and despicable..

Melroses · 13/02/2019 22:21

I saw the comments on her pubic hair on twitter and agree with you on that. There were loads and they were unpleasant.

No idea she was a serial protester Grin. Not sure why protesting something as a feminist should mean it is necessary to take your clothes off, body confident or not but it has been a recurring theme of so-called 'empowerment' for a while.

As the protest was Brexit...……………. anything seems to go.

zanahoria · 13/02/2019 22:39

so someone who is always taking their clothes off has protested by taking their clothes off?

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