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Look what happened when Alison Moyet refused to be called a cis woman **title amended at request of OP**

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LaSqrrl · 11/07/2018 09:48

"You can identify as anything you want these days, except as a woman. Consider what happened to British singer Alison Moyet. Last week, on Twitter, she said she didn’t want to be known as a cs-woman, just as a woman. ‘I defend everyone’s right to have the pronoun that they choose and will honour it’, she diplomatically said. And ‘I do not choose Cs for mine’, she continued. ‘It took women like me long enough to own the title “woman” in the first place. It’s a long enough word for me.’ The response to this calm, clear, polite act of self-definition? Fury. And insult. And abuse. On such a voluble level that Moyet eventually recanted her linguistic heresy, deleted her tweet, and left Twitter."
Read rest of the article here.

Moyet's response to being 'forcibly assigned' the c*s label was quite polite and restrained (far more so than I can ever muster). Yet she was relentlessly told by the twitterverse to 'stfu woman' with a pile of 'hate tweets' - that she should accept it, like it or not.

Moyet has several follow up tweets, including this one where she says:
"I will name you as you identify. Must you afford me less?"

Apparently the answer is "no". And more reasons to stfu and accept it. Hmm

'Woman' is not terra nullius, we are 52%. We will not be hoodwinked into giving up our names, only for males to claim them (that is what the c-prefix is all about). Our answer is "no" and is not the start of a 'negotiation'.

OP posts:
arranfan · 11/07/2018 16:55

R0wantrees posted this Ronson TED talks in another thread and it seems useful here.

"Jon Ronson gave this talk in 2015, "How one tweet can ruin your life'

he concludes that 'perhaps there are two types of people in the world, those who favour humans over ideology and those who favour ideology over humans. He says he favours humans over ideology, but believes the ideologues are winning & they are creating a stage for constant artificial high dramas where everyone is either a magnificent hero or a sickening villain... which is not true about our fellow humans since we are all stupid & clever, we are grey areas '

'For the longest time Jon Ronson reveled in the fact that Twitter gave a voice to the voiceless ... the social media platform gave us all a chance to speak up and hit back at perceived injustice. But somewhere along the way, things took a turn. In this passionate, eloquent talk, Ronson explains how too often we end up behaving like a baying mob — and that it's time to rethink how we interact with others online'

I think it has a great deal of relevance, especially about power and the threat to democracy."


Waddlelikeapenguin · 11/07/2018 16:59

quaite paranoid
Please tell me this was not a typo & you are in fact from Morningside Grin

LangCleg · 11/07/2018 17:05

The portal has its very own dictionary!

Bowlofbabelfish · 11/07/2018 17:06

Ex- denizen of Morningside here (gives secret handshake...)

HopeMumsnet · 11/07/2018 17:08
Waddlelikeapenguin · 11/07/2018 17:23

Bowl there I was already thinking you perfect!
hope Way-trrose surely? Grin

arranfan · 11/07/2018 17:28

It's always Morningside, never Hunts Cross (not that I'm bitter - but I lived < 3 miles from the place immortalised in The Liver Birds).

I wonder what the reactions of those stereotyped Morningsiders Maisie Mac's Gran and her neighbour Mrs McKitty would be to the tweetage dished out to that nice Alison Moyet? Is there enough tablet in the world to make up for that?

Oblomov18 · 11/07/2018 17:48

I read the previous Alison Moyet thread.

Anlaf · 11/07/2018 17:54

This may out me but I once threw my house keys into a big cooncil street bin in .

As i attempted to reach them, legs waggling in the air and with much grunting, a wifie approach with cardie and raised eyebrow.

"Have you... loast something?" she asked.

I was like FFS no i just fancied a rummage "yes, thank you". She excellently went to fetch me a step though, legend.

Anyway, Alison Moyet!

Bowlofbabelfish · 11/07/2018 18:33

waddle I miss it immensely. It was like I’d found my true place in life ...(sobs quietly...)

pachyderm · 11/07/2018 19:29

Love Glinner. Just struck me that as an Irish man of around 50, he is well old enough to remember the theocracy we grew up in, the dogma in schools, the compulsory religious observance and groupthink. And he recognises this nonsensical cult for what it is. And he thinks "fuck that shit".

Flowers to Glinner.

LaSqrrl · 11/07/2018 21:47

Thanks for the title change @HopeMumsnet

I read the previous Alison Moyet thread.
Where is that Ob?

OP posts:
TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross · 11/07/2018 21:54

I am a woman. Anyone who wants me to call myself a ciswoman can fuck right off.

LaSqrrl · 11/07/2018 22:06

Also, wanted to do a quick thanks to stealthsquirrelnutkin for finding the article link.

Clearly, a squirrel theme, but we are two different squirrels.

OP posts:
AnotherQuoll · 11/07/2018 22:48

They re a bunch of sexist and misogynistic malignant narcs. Bothering to engage with them anywhere beyond telling them "No" and "Tough luck", and you haven't a hope of them ever

AnotherQuoll · 11/07/2018 22:58

That was meant to be: hope of them ever leaving you alone.

ChiefClerkDrumknott · 11/07/2018 23:08

What a woman! Funny how women don’t get to identify as women, but men do.

I’ve experienced similar (although not being famous not to quite this extent), people trying to force cis upon me when I tell them I am not. It’s ridiculous

Arkengarthdale · 15/07/2018 23:11

Just got round to reading this thread and have to say there is so much in it it I just love. Misogyny In Drag (we may have a useful new acronym). Alison Moyet. Morningsaide. Excellent stuff 😁

BlackForestCake · 15/07/2018 23:29

The important thing here is that Alison Moyet is "inclusive" and believes or pretends to believe that trans women are actually women. But that isn't enough. Only complete, unquestioning subservience will do.

Arkengarthdale · 16/07/2018 00:24

And bollocks to that. Girl bollocks, obvs 😂

womanformallyknownaswoman · 16/07/2018 00:56

I observe what's missed often is that CIS is not a benign word but is verbal abuse. VA is where one person tells another what they think and feel - that they know better what is right for the target 🎯 person- it's a central facet of coercive control.

So each time someone or all are labelled CIS it's a putdown of huge harmful proportions- a dismissal of women as individuals and peers reducing them to objects of derision and labels of someone's else's choice- like calling a black person "native" or some such derogatory term, designed to shame the person to silence and keep them in their place.

So I'm very pleased @MNHQ banned it - is it banned everywhere or just on FWR?

GardenGeek · 16/07/2018 01:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thebewilderness · 16/07/2018 02:06

I didnt know it was a banned word haha, I have said it loads!

GardenGeek · 16/07/2018 02:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaSquirrel · 16/07/2018 04:10

Slagging off our International Treasure will not win you any friends in these parts. Just sayin'.

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