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dolls that aren't barbie

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trailing · 22/02/2014 23:48

This is a feminist type query I promise.

DD has been given The Biggest Doll House In The World by her unofficial god parents.

She really needs some dolls or something to play in it. It is perfect size for barbies but I'm not giving her barbies unless or until she asks for them (and then I'll cross that bridge). Sylvanian families are a bit too traditional.

Does anyone know of any dolls that AREN'T too boobs and shopping? Normal looking girls and not sexually attractive women? I'm SURE I have read about some on here before.

I'm not starting a barbie debate. I don't want to buy barbie and wan't to find something different. Any ideas?

OP posts:
ReadyToPopAndFresh · 23/02/2014 09:29

The below are good alternatives. American girl dolls are expensive, but very good quality. Ebay is your friend.

BucketsnSpades · 23/02/2014 09:31

I was going to recommend Lottie but i see it has already been done.

ReadyToPopAndFresh · 23/02/2014 09:33

Also is great for customized dolls etc. I could spend years on etsy...

I'm still trying to find a decent quality boy doll. Why the idea that boys won;t play with doll unless they have scars and military costumes on? Confused

Timeforabiscuit · 23/02/2014 09:37

thanks for starting the thread, I despaired and instead stuck with fiesta finger puppets which are quite fun but those Lottie dolls look good!

Nocomet · 23/02/2014 09:44

Your wasting your money, she won't play with them, she'll want barbies like her friends. Pink, sparkly, long haired, escapism is what most love for a bit.

(DD1 didn't, but DD1 didn't play with toys, full stop)

AGoodPirate · 23/02/2014 10:05


fuzzpig · 23/02/2014 10:10

Also came on to recommend Lottie :) DD got the autumn leaves one at Xmas and loves her. The extra outfits are great too, I got a onesie (as DD also got her first onesie at Xmas :o) and might get one of the sporty ones at some point.

Janek · 23/02/2014 10:13

Lottie. That is all.

trailing · 23/02/2014 10:14

Lottie is perfect thank you!

I had read about American girl - and she is fantastic - but she will be too big I think.

I love etsy, I hadn't thought to look there but I will.

Nocomet I have no doubt that barbie will be on the horizon one day - once she starts nursery no doubt - but she isn't quite there yet!

OP posts:
KissesBreakingWave · 23/02/2014 10:14

Action Man. Shame it's not made any more, but some of the uniforms were brilliant.

KissesBreakingWave · 23/02/2014 10:21

Shame they don't make 'em any more. Grump.

legoplayingmumsunite · 24/02/2014 18:03

I'm still trying to find a decent quality boy doll.

For what age range? The Puppet Company do nice rag dolls including boys.

KoalaFace · 24/02/2014 18:15

Lighthouse Lottie! I'd have gone crazy for her. Alas DD is only 5 days old...

Maybe DS (3yo) would take a break from being a superhero and play with her with me! Plan.

fuzzpig · 24/02/2014 18:36

Ooh thanks I didn't know about the lighthouse one. DD is into all things nautical ATM! In fact we are visiting a lighthouse at Easter :)

HanSolo · 24/02/2014 18:43

We have a lovely boy doll- by Manhattan toys. He's soft-bodied, and a bit 'cartoony' rather than true to life IYSWIM. He's called 'baby sam' I think (well, he's called Harry now... but...) and is similar to baby stella. You can get dummies, nappies, feeding sets, different clothes etc. I think they're really nice, and complete opposite of barbie types.

Too big for OP's dolls house though!

ReadyToPopAndFresh · 24/02/2014 20:07

He is only 2 now, but I'd like to get an American girl style boy doll iykwim?

Realistic and able to choose different characteristics so it looks a bit like him? Dd's American girl doll was picked because it looked like her.

They have a baby doll that he plays with and puts in his pram and that sort of thing but I want one he can grow in to

ReadyToPopAndFresh · 24/02/2014 20:11

puppet company and manhattan dolls are really cute! Maybe i need to get him something for now...

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