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Pink and blue kinder eggs

13 replies

Bumpstarter · 04/10/2013 00:55

Any one else annoyed by this development?. I didn't often buy them, but when I did I liked the gender neutral toys..... Now there are dolls in pink ones and cars in blue ones.... A real step backwards I say.

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registary · 04/10/2013 00:57

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Hoojimiflip · 04/10/2013 01:14

I was irritated when I saw that but then I thought perhaps it just gives you a bit more choice as to what sort of toy you'd prefer? You're right though, it does feel like a step backwards.

sonlypuppyfat · 04/10/2013 01:39

Oh please.

whatdoesittake48 · 04/10/2013 07:50

What a bout the Muller kids yoghurts in Blue packs (rock stars) for boys and pink for girls. I can't even remember what the pink packs are called...definitely not as cool as rock stars though.

EarthMither · 04/10/2013 08:02

There's another AIBU thread about this where some posters are also suggesting it's just to make the choice of toy easier - in which case, why haven't Kinder used (say) green for dolls and orange for cars?

Hoojimiflip · 04/10/2013 11:49

Of course you're right Earth, I was just seeking solace in denial. Depressing all round.

tethersend · 04/10/2013 11:52

I just started a thread about this in chat.

Apart from anything, where's the sodding surprise?

EarthMither · 04/10/2013 11:57

No worries Hooj - I've given up on the AIBU thread and there is certainly more solace to be found here on FWR ;)

No surprises on many levels, Tethers...

BuzzardBirdBloodBath · 04/10/2013 12:00

The gifts in the pink ones are utter shite. Why do they think that only boys have the brains to actually construct things? My daughter will only be getting the blue ones as her face fell when the manky horse fell out, she was so disappointed it wasn't something to build.

WoTmania · 04/10/2013 14:00

Oh FFS. I hate them anyway but DH buys them for the DC occasionally. No more I'm afraid. The only bearable thing about them was that the toys were so diverse.

ChunkyPickle · 04/10/2013 21:00

Buzzard - you're going to be sorely disappointed if you think the ones in the blue eggs involve any construction any more - they don't - the most you have to do these days is snap two pieces together, or add some stickers Kinder eggs are truly rubbish these days.

I confess I bought 4 boxes, purely because so many of the gifts in the standard ones are so completely rubbish: flimsy jigsaw, stamp ring (not washable.. thanks kinder for that), bizarre stencil etc. and the guarantee of vehicles a bit more often seemed like an OK trade for my principles (we use them as bribes for DS who's 3) - TBH he'd be fine with princesses too, but vehicles are his favourite.

Back when I was a kid there were little cars with gears that you had to assemble, and whole actual catapult games - the rubbish collectable figures were rare, and I never had a tiny jigsaw, or a set of poorly printed animal stickers!

OldFavourite · 04/10/2013 22:08

The toys inside were always terrible, but they were still a favourite of mine as a child. I'm sad I won't be able to share that with DD, as I will actively avoid buying them now.

BuzzardBirdBloodBath · 05/10/2013 01:34

Oh, that's a shame, no point in buying them then.

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