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Lap dancing club hearing in Bristol

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JessInAvalon · 23/09/2013 21:51

I wondered why I couldn't find my thread earlier - it had been moved to the petitions noticeboard. I've just posted about the hearing for Urban Tiger (lap dancing club opposite the Hippodrome) next Monday. 10.30am at City Hall. It would be really good to have your support in the public gallery and it really does make a difference.

Thanks all - and thanks to those who have signed the petition already.

Please DM me if you would like more information about the hearing.

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Sausageeggbacon · 24/09/2013 09:56

Jess there were only 9 letters of Objection to Central Chambers if locals don't write in what do you expect. And whoever it was that tweeted about the head of licensing has probably pushed him even further on to the side of the clubs, real case of shooting yourself in the foot. As for the petition did you know there is also one for saving the clubs and that has almost twice as many signatures.

Strange the petition for the clubs started by a woman and the petition to close them by a man Confused

JessInAvalon · 24/09/2013 18:37

Not sure what point you are making, Sausageeggbacon re the petitions.

The tweet you're referring to was not about the head of licensing-who is supposed to be impartial anyway. The person who sent the tweet sat through the hearing and has since apologised for it.

In previous years there have been 70-80 objections. I think people get tired of objection every year. More objected to Urban Tiger and Temptations than did Central Chambers.

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JessInAvalon · 24/09/2013 18:38

And yes I did know about the other petition.

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Bunnylion · 24/09/2013 18:48

I'm not in Bristol but good luck and let us know how it goes on Monday Jess.

Keep up the good work Smile

JessInAvalon · 24/09/2013 19:56

Thank you Bunnylion-really appreciate that .

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