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Toy Catalogue

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KonnieLingus · 20/09/2013 00:23

I was recently browsing a popular toy catalogue and something struck me. All the pink toys aimed at babies,particularly aimed at baby girls. As the catalogue is laid out in order of age it became obvious as the age went up that that the pink followed a pattern of baby dolls,kitchens,a pink hoover. The pink was not affiliated with a doctors costume or a tool set,in fact it very obviously started as a secondary colour for baby toys to almost the only colour relating the traditional outdated gender role toys.

Am I making sense? We first attribute pink toys to baby girls so they will familairise to pink and therefore affiliate to pink things, IE baby dolls,prams,kitchens and toy hoovers.

OP posts:
ModeratelyObvious · 20/09/2013 00:36

Crap, isn't it? Check out the Let Toys Be Toys campaign on here.

LetToysbeToys · 20/09/2013 20:35

Hi Konnie you're absolutely right, there are real problems with the messages being sent to girls - and boys - with this whole pink / blue nonsense. Come and find us here!

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