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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Saturday i, Grace Dent article on sexism

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NumTumDeDum · 13/07/2013 10:57

Some good points, re wimbledon and the conveniently forgotten fact that Women have won in 1977, 1968 and 1961, so it's not 77 years, just 77 years since man won. An important distinction.

She also makes points about John Inverdale, Nick Ross and Charles Saatchi. I particularly like this:

"A masterclass in misogyny. Charles Saatchi has been cautioned for a domestic violencr incident, yet his wife Nigella Lawson is at fault for not sticking up for him" - in response to his statement stating he was divorcing her and that he was disappointed she made no public statement explaining he abhored violence of any jind against women.

OP posts:
zigzoo · 13/07/2013 11:01

Charles Saatchi - conducting his gaslighting in public now. I love that Nick Ross has to have 2 paragraphs to deconstruct his sexism.

zigzoo · 13/07/2013 11:02
CaptChaos · 13/07/2013 11:42

Ugh! The comments are depressingly par for the course.

Lots of men who are so fearful of women that all they can do to make themselves feel better is to run them down in the comments section of a newspaper.

Lottapianos · 15/07/2013 14:36

I do enjoy Grace Dent and thought this was a great article. Her 'masterclass in misogyny' comment about Charles Saatchi's statements was spot on. His statements were so 'abuser-by-numbers' that they could almost have been written by The Onion.

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