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visceralview · 29/03/2013 13:56

Many parents will be visiting cinemas this weekend and most will rely on the BBFC film certification to inform them of the suitability of a film for their young children or teenagers. Having seen the film Trance yesterday with a 15 certificate I feel the need to warn parents of its totally inappropriate content. Please read my email below sent to the leader of the city of edinburgh council which is self explanatory.

Dear Sir,

I understand that the local authority have the legal responsibility to ensure that films shown to the public and in particular to children and minors are suitable for viewing.

I wish to make a complaint about a film called Trance which is currently showing at Cineworld Fountainpark. This film has a 15 certifcate from BBFC which is totally inappropriate.

My complaint refers to two separate shots of a shaven vagina which are salacious and lingering. The shots are not integral to the film plot or storyline and could have been edited out with no effect or an 18 certificate issued.

I am an avid filmgoer and I am open-minded to artistic licence in films and have seen many more shocking scenes in films with 18 certificates, so I am not overly sensitive.

Both scenes are of a sexual nature and meant to excite. Usually such explicit shots would be used in pornographic films and magazines, both requiring the viewer to be 18 or over.

I am concerned at the message these vagina shots give to 15 year olds, both male and female. It is promoting the removal of vaginal hair and putting extra pressure on young girls to be hairfree, which is well documented to be the preference for paedophiles.

This film is directed by Danny Boyle who was questioned about it on the Jonathan Ross show last week and was visibly embarrassed when Jonathan mentioned the explicit full frontal nudity in the film. His face reddened and he was smiling through gritted teeth because he knows the shots are gratuitous and unnecessary.

As you are the authority responsible for the decency of public films allowed to be shown to children and minors I request that you review this film urgently and withdraw it immediately for viewing to those under 18 years of age.

I urge everyone to send a similar email to their local authority to try and stop this backdoor 'grooming' of our children through films.

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eggsaplenty · 30/03/2013 13:51

well done on taking some action the rating of this film does sound unsuitable

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