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Anyone home educate because they are feminists?

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mamalost · 26/01/2013 11:49

Weird question perhaps - just wondering though... Considering the general sexual objectifying culture that we live in and how school mirrors that - are there any home educating feminists who chose that partly because of being feminists?

OP posts:
carolinecordery · 27/01/2013 18:35

I'm a home educating feminist. I guess it had some bearing on the decision.

AutumnMadness · 28/01/2013 16:39

Erm, home-schooling would mean that our family would be poor, living in a tiny cramped house, that I would be financially dependant on my husband AND that I would be stuck in the tiny cramped house with my children all day long. If you have rich and generous husband or independent income that comes with no or little work - great. If not - the situation does not best promote my female welfare.

And while schools can certainly be horrible places, they can also be wonderful and inspirational. My best friend whom I met at schools is my life-long soul-mate. I am still deeply grateful to many of my teachers. And I just remember school being rather fun most of the time.

morethanpotatoprints · 28/01/2013 19:19

I H.ed and have a philosophy that up until now hasn't included anything to do with feminism but I think as I learn more about the issues surrounding women these days I may well revise this.
I started a thread OMG my eyes are open because I am becoming more aware.
I don't go around with my eyes closed but up until now haven't experienced what many experience in the work place as I am a sahm. This was purely by choice as I believed it was a role I wanted to take. So many women put my choices down though and think I'm some down trodden woman whose missing out. So Feminists don't really like me much.
I believe that by making my own choices I have not gone against Feminist belief, but I will leave that up to you lot.

MiniTheMinx · 28/01/2013 22:25

We did HEd for two years when the eldest was ten and the youngest 6. Loved it and they both got a lot out of it. I didn't consciously choose home- ed because I am a feminist although now they are back in school I think I could choose to for that very reason!

We went to a few classes with a Home-ed Steiner group, so the eldest could do IGCSE maths and some lessons in chemistry and physics. He mixed in small groups of girls and boys. Whereas now being back in school & in larger groups all his friends are boys.

I could work around the children as I am self employed and on the days I worked out of the house they came with me.

I don't believe choosing to put your children first for a few years when they need you breaks any great rule in being feminist.

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