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WTF is wrong with this judge(could trigger)

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AKissIsNotAContract · 22/01/2013 23:06

So you raped your daughter for 10 years but you've held down a job so that's ok?

OP posts:
Pan · 22/01/2013 23:34

I'm confused by a couple of things of this reporting.

  • who is appealing? and against what exactly?
  • why is the judge not seeing the mandate to impose a 'heavy sentence'. Case law is one thing, but as he says it is one of the most serious cases brought. So should attract one of the most serious sentences. Surely.

I think the employment record aspect is being quoted ( amongst all of the other so-called mitigating factors) in order to demonstrate all factors such as they are have been considered. But quiet why he can't get on with serving his custodial sentence part is a mystery.
I don't think in UK law you can sentence with a part suspended. It's either immediate custodial, or not.
Pan · 22/01/2013 23:36

or 'quite' why, even.

Pan · 22/01/2013 23:43

Also, the 9 years suspended is utter baloney. In effect he is sentencing him to 3 years for prolonged abuse of his own daughter from approx 7yrs old to 16yrs old ( assuming FHC was at 7yrs old). I am hoping/assuming the appeal is over that bit.

Pan · 23/01/2013 00:16

erm..anyone else?

What's also probably missing is a Victim Impact Statement, which is directly pertinent here, but I don't know if they are considered in the Republic.

tribpot · 23/01/2013 00:18

There is another thread running about this. It seems to come down to 'it was a long time ago and he's said sorry'. Unbe-bloody-lievable.

Pan · 23/01/2013 00:21

thanks tribpot - it seemed v slow here.

MarcelineTheVampireQueen · 23/01/2013 00:43

This judge is a vile excuse for a human, if you see the other thread where I've posted some of his more outrageous sentences. He jailed a gang rape victim for being to frightende to return to court after he berated her in front of the accused.

Many calls have been made to have him removed but only the government can do so. I urge everyone to write to their local td. Today the papers were full of the story but all the taoiseach had to say was he hoped that it wouldn't put others off reporting rape...

The detail of the abuse is horrific and triggering so we won't detail it but I have contacted rape crisis and national council for women to see if there is something to be done. While on Twitter, I have noticed a small storm about it, its not enough.

I have seen victim impact statements used, though I don't know if its often or what the policy is. I do know that woman waived her right to privacy, faced her abuser and still got kicked in the teeth. Lately I have become more aware of how little rights women in Ireland have and it scares the shit out of me.

allthegoodnamesweretaken · 23/01/2013 12:58

Why is this vile man still working?
Surely he's done more than enough to be deemed unfit for the job?
Is there a petition to get him fired?

PamBeesly · 23/01/2013 16:11

This judge has a history of leniency for rapists, no regard for children either. He is a rotten bottom feeder

I hope Fiona Doyle finds her freedom somewhere, I hope that thing who calls himself her father has a rotten existence

tribpot · 23/01/2013 16:36
PamBeesly · 25/01/2013 15:16

He has been jailed, the judge apologised, some justice for Fiona

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