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Feminism: Sex and gender discussions on youtube

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whitesocksblackshoes · 09/01/2013 10:17

I was shown this video and I claimed he was being misogynistic as he was cruel and patronising to film her and then put it on YouTube for the world to see.

He must reallly love her...Hmm It so old and boring that sort of thick blond joke, which is what essentially the video is IMO.

BUT...a couple of people have argued that this it is not misogynistic. My understanding of the definition of misogyny is clearest from this quote from The Guardian...

Sue Butler, editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, said that, on this occasion, it had failed to keep pace with linguistic evolution.

"Since the 1980s, misogyny has come to be used as a synonym for sexism, a synonym with bite, but nevertheless with the meaning of entrenched prejudice against women rather than pathological hatred," she said in a statement.

Can I ask your opinion in this so I can be clear in my response and my understanding of the def? TIA

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AbigailAdams · 09/01/2013 13:29

Well I think it ranges up from the constant, low-level barrage of lack of respect, sexism and prejudices that society upholds, to the outright hatred we have seen in recent events in India, for example. It isn't just a hatred of all women all the time (although it can be obviously). So I agree with the Guardian statement.

As a woman we get to define misogyny, as it happens to us. Men don't.

And any video titled "How to be a Dick to your Wife at 80mph" is likely to be misogynistic. The fact that these men are arguing against it almost proves the point really. The misogyny is so deeply entrenched they don't recognise it. And of course their privilege prevents them from seeing it.

whitesocksblackshoes · 09/01/2013 21:32

Thanks - yeah totally agree with you, sometimes I find it it hard to find the right way of communicating that.
I can't help but think explaining that only women get to define misogyny would rile things - but I think it is correct

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FastidiaBlueberry · 09/01/2013 22:25

I found that vid horrifying.

Basically, some nobber is inviting the world to laugh at how stupid his wife is and holding her up to public ridicule.

You can imagine how he chips away at her self-esteem. If he thinks it's OK to publicly shame her, what does he do in the privacy of their own home.


whitesocksblackshoes · 09/01/2013 22:40


I think men, and maybe some women, mightn't find it misogynistic as it is that same old joke repeated over again so many times that it is normalised and becomes completely inoffensive. It gives the right rage! Angry

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