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Sussex Police today will tweet every incident of domestic abuse over next 24 hours

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ashesgirl · 14/12/2012 09:35

Should be interesting to watch. No names will be given out obviously.

OP posts:
NormaStanleyFletcher · 14/12/2012 09:37

Oh. I may have to log on to Twitter. Thanks for sharing.

ashesgirl · 14/12/2012 09:39

Great they are raising awareness in this way.

OP posts:
MrsClown · 14/12/2012 12:15

I dont Twitter, would not know where to start. Would some kind person give some follow up info after the 24 hours please. It sounds interesting. Thanks

ashesgirl · 14/12/2012 12:22

It's already quite disturbing. Think I've seen about 15 tweets so far this morning from them.

You just need to go to and put sussex police and #talktome in the search box and you'll see them.

OP posts:
kickassangel · 20/12/2012 01:22

I know this thread is a few days old, but I just went back and looked at that.

A very rough, first count shows
approx. 100 tweets !! (That's a LOT)

A few - around 10 - 15 appeared to be women being aggressive.

More where it wasn't clear (e.g. 2 people arguing & reported by a third party), prob about 30 of those

One of child abuse

ALL the rest men being violent and attacking women, a few of men attacking me, but not sure if I even saw one, just thinking it prob did happen.

If the ambiguous ones were a 50/50 split of men/women being the antagonist (though these stats indicate that it's unlikely)

That means that 70% of REPORTED domestic abuse is men attacking women.

ashesgirl · 20/12/2012 12:47

Quite, kickass. And people say dv isn't gendered Hmm

OP posts:
Sausageeggbacon · 20/12/2012 13:51

I am amazed at the number of children assaulting their parents or even grandparents. 93 reports and reading them surprised at some of them. Not sure that reporting your mother for verbal abuse should really count mind you... you should hear what I have said to my kids in the past.

kickassangel · 20/12/2012 22:33

There will be a certain amount of silly calls. It surprised me how many there were. I have no idea how typical that is or how many of them were Friday night drunken arguments. Still, it is worrying that almost all of the ones that stated physical violence were towards a vulnerable person such as men towards women or young adults/teens to elderly people.

It just seems that so many relationships are about power and control, add a bad temper and abuse is ther.

TessOfTheBaublevilles · 21/12/2012 09:29

I don't know of anyone who says that domestic abuse/violence isn't gendered. It clearly is.

However I do know a few women who try to play down the issue of women-on-men DA/DV. Just because male victims are the minority (albeit a sizable minority) doesn't mean the issue doesn't have importance.

ShamyFarrahCooper · 21/12/2012 15:38

Strathclyde police have launched their anti-dv campaign today:


There is nowhere for perpetrators to hide. We will find you and we will arrest you ? that?s our warning to perpetrators of domestic abuse as we launch our domestic abuse festive campaign.

Unfortunately the festive period is one of the busiest times of year for police officers dealing with domestic abuse incidents. Many excuses are made including financial worries, emotional issues and tensions at this time of year, however, there is never any excuse for domestic abuse.

In over 80% of all recorded domestic abuse incidents, the perpetrator is male, and aged between 20 ? 39 years of age. Domestic abuse has devastating and far-reaching consequences for victims, their families and the wider community and cuts across all social, cultural and religious boundaries. The abuse can either be physical, sexual or emotional and is committed by a partner or an ex-partner in both the home and elsewhere.

This year, we?ve drawn up a list of offenders who have the potential to pose the most threat to victims and their families. Not only will they be targeted for domestic abuse offences but for all areas of criminality they are involved in.

Officers dealt with over 1336 incidents of domestic abuse during 23 December 2011 and 4 January 2012. Today, police are reinforcing their message to perpetrators of domestic abuse that they have the ways and means of identifying them and will take action.

Chief Superintendent Bob Hamilton, of our Anti-Violence Directorate, said today:

?Our festive campaign is being launched on a national day of action on domestic abuse across Scotland, and we will be concentrating our efforts on that day to proactively target offenders across Strathclyde. More than 80 extra officers from across the Force will be out in vehicles and in communities targeting offenders at their homes, arresting them on outstanding warrants and other areas of criminality.?

A series of radio advertisements and a poster campaign across pubs, clubs and male restrooms will also feature in the campaign, making perpetrators think about their actions and recognise that they are to blame. We work very closely with numerous partner agencies to deal with domestic abuse, and with the use of third party reporting virtually anyone can report a perpetrator to a partner agency or to the police directly.

Chief Superintendent Hamilton said:

?Violence within any setting, least of all in a supposed loving relationship, or within a family home is very hard to comprehend. Tackling this type of crime will always be a priority for the Force.

?Make no mistake, if you are an abuser we have the ways and means to find you and deal with you. We have a network of information and intelligence that we can use to identify you and hold you to account for your actions.

?Our main aim is to lock up known domestic abuse offenders, and by doing so, we will take away the opportunity for them to re-offend.

?Only they have the choice of making this Christmas one to remember or one they would rather forget ? spent in a police cell.?

Mhairi McGowan, of ASSIST, said:

?Christmas should be a time for celebrating with family and friends, when families get quality time together, but for far too many people Christmas brings real fear that abuse will get worse. That?s why this Police campaign is so important. I would urge anyone with information to tell the police what?s going on.

?By working together we can ensure that perpetrators are dealt with appropriately and victims get the help they need.?

Lily Greenan, Manager at Scottish Women?s Aid, said:

?The proactive approach of Strathclyde Police is an important tool in dealing with domestic abuse, and sends a strong message to perpetrators and victims alike that it is taken seriously by Scotland?s police forces.

?This is a difficult time of year for women and their families who are experiencing domestic abuse. We?d urge women to come forward to the police, or a support service such as their local Women?s Aid group. It may feel like you?re on your own, but help is available.?

kickassangel · 21/12/2012 20:02

Wow. A campaign that so clearly targets the abuser and makes no excuses for them. Hurrah

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