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Feminism: Sex and gender discussions

Women, comics and elastic spines

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EmBOOsa · 12/10/2012 17:05

Thought you'd appreciate this blog in a kind of laugh-or-cry way.

Escher Girls

It's a blog about the ridiculous poses female comic book characters are put into purely to look "sexy". Quite what is sexy about looking like the spine has been replaced with jelly is anyone's guess however.

This is probably the most overdone pose, which they've nicknamed the boobs and butt pose, because, let's face it, that is all it is about.

Despite most of these poses being applied to characters who are meant to be tough/strong/independent/good fighters if a real woman was to attempt any of these poses they'd definitely be no use in a fight!

OP posts:
rosabud · 12/10/2012 18:49

Oh dear God.

Oh there's no hope really, is there??

EmBOOsa · 12/10/2012 19:20

I've looked at 24 pages so far, and I'm still amazed by just how wrong these depictions of the female figure are! Does nothing to stop the stereotype of male comic fans never meeting real women does it?

Sad that being able to cram as many boobs/butt into a picture seems to be rated higher than actually being able to draw!

OP posts:
TiggyD · 12/10/2012 19:49

I think that some of these crime fighters are spending more time trying to look good than actually fighting crime. Such a waste of their super powers.

EmBOOsa · 12/10/2012 20:25

This is an interesting post on that blog

Anonymous asked: I love the Tumblr, it's always good for a laugh (although incredibly cringeworthy). I was wondering what you think about the Storm series illustrated by Don Lawrence? I just checked some of the albums and so far, no swivel waists, boobs growing from strange places or contortionist anatomy. Do you think actually being allowed to show nudity quells this urge to come up with desperate poses that will show teh sexy? (of course, the Wikipedia page shows the WORST possible example from the series)

Actually, I?ve been thinking along those lines for a while. From my experience, a lot of actual porn comics seem to have way better poses (not always anatomy, but then it?s porn) and it feels like the artists, knowing that they get to draw sex and actual naked women, don?t do this ?hee hee hee, I?m so naughty!? thing that we see in (what should be) non-porn comics, with the need to stick butt and boob in every shot even if it doesn?t work, and the stupid costumes. As I said in a post 2 months ago, a lot of these artists act like they?re NEVER going to draw a sexy woman again, and they NEED to put all the butt and boobs into a frame they can. (I also don?t understand why women can?t be sexy while looking strong. Especially, given that you?re drawing and writing HEROES. If you aren?t interested in heroic poses, perhaps porn and not superheroes is more your thing?)

Pay the artists who clearly WANT to draw porn. Give the niche that WANTS porn their porn and quit with the chainmail bikinis and ?this is totally not porn if I don?t draw her nipples? art, and let?s have actual superhero comics that are about our power fantasies of being strong and amazing and powerful and having adventures. There?s a place for Supergirl porn, and a place for Supergirl beating the crap out of giant robots. I have no problem with that. I have a problem when Supergirl?s arms are the size of drinking straws and she?s busy posing her breasts to the camera so her waist is swiveling and there?s no way she can be actually fighting that robot.

PS: I don?t think this is a magical cure to Escher Girls in comics though. Artists still need to stop treating women as an alien species that they?re making up. They need to get over seeing every frame with a woman in it as a lingerie ad, and they need to care more about our poses and anatomy outside of just drawing our breasts. They seem able to do it for men, women really aren?t that different. Really. You can look outside your window. We?re EVERYWHERE. (Though, if they think we?re an alien race, that might scare them.)

OP posts:
rosabud · 12/10/2012 23:29

There's such a thing as porn comics??

EmBOOsa · 13/10/2012 00:37

Yeah, not entirely surprisingly. Though at least they are drawings of women rather than actual women.

There's also animated porn, which is a little odd. Mostly as it just makes me think of how stupid someone must feel standing in a recording studio making sex noises.

OP posts:
BeeBawBabbity · 13/10/2012 08:44

Yeah, I see your point OP, but it's fantasy. The male superheroes look pretty unrealistic too. I have to confess I really like manga style art.

As for porn comics/animation - isn't that the ultimate in ethical porn? No one was forced or coerced in its making.

EmBOOsa · 13/10/2012 10:48

The male superheroes are unrealistic in that they are super human though, the unrealism is focussed around making them look tougher/scarier/more dangerous, eg. the oversized muscles. So it's a logical exagerration, it adds to the story.

The female superheroes, despite also being super human and tough/dangerous are unrealistic in ways that aren't logical. Eg. the boobs/butt pose

OP posts:
Cozy9 · 15/10/2012 00:07
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