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Apologies if this has been asked already, and I've not seen it

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PerspectiveUrgentlyRequired · 10/09/2012 13:42

I'm looking for suggestions on TV progammes/films that I can let my 7 yr DD see, to give her some good role models/aspirations etc. in much the same way books do. We have the books covered Wink thanks to many threads and links posted her, but I'm struggling a bit with films/tv shows. She likes adventure stuff, pirates, muskateers, space stuff etc. Mainly fantasty/adventure type of programmes/films/books.

To put this in context, my DD is watching stuff at her dad's that is questionable IMO, and I want to be able to give her an opposing view/experience with regards to what women/girls/young adults are/can be/should be viewed as etc. other than a piece of meat for her dad to leer over. Ahem.

I was initially thinking along the lines of Xenia, Warrior Princess, but not having watched that myself when it was on, I've no idea if this is a good example, or if it's still littered with the usual stereotypes too. And that was as far as I got with my thinking. So, any other suggestions welcome.

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Thedoctrineofennis · 10/09/2012 13:53

Studio Ghibli films eg Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service.

Try the listings on

I've bought DS1 (aged 5) some "Jane and the Dragon" DVDs but haven't watched them yet, hoping they will be a counter to 'Mike the Knight'!

PerspectiveUrgentlyRequired · 10/09/2012 14:15

Thanks, the list on amightygirl is good. Howl's Moving Castle looks right up DD's street. I think I might order Coraline for halloween, DD would love that.

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Kayano · 12/09/2012 00:43

Princess mononoke and spirited away are great ghibli films Too

MoChan · 12/09/2012 13:53

Agree re: Ghibli, those films are stuffed with proper female characters. Mine also like 'Matilda' and a film called 'Fly Away Home' in which a little girl...well, does something really cool, in a nutshell. A bit sad at the start though (she loses her mum).

Badgerina · 15/09/2012 00:42

DS loves Fly Away Home! Gorgeous film. Studio Ghibli are great too, as is Coraline. Not sure what else... Whale Rider.

BeeBawBabbity · 15/09/2012 08:42

Another advocate for Ghibli. Kiki's delivery service and Totoro are also good.

Just steer clear of the Disney channel!

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