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Ebury to revive the Black Lace books.

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carernotasaint · 27/06/2012 22:29

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catgirl1976 · 27/06/2012 22:32

Well I can't say I blame them but I am not sure the 50 shades hysteria will continue enough to make it worthwhile

carernotasaint · 27/06/2012 22:39

The BL books were SOOO much better than that shit though. They had some really good writers.
Off the top of my head some of the titles i read were.....
Rude Awakening.
The Devil and the Deep blue Sea.
Led on By Compulsion
Nadyas Quest. i think i read about 12 to 15 of them in all.

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TouTou · 27/06/2012 22:39

I wrote for them!


catgirl1976 · 27/06/2012 22:40

I read one that sticks in my mind but I can't recall the name.....main character was called Redcat and they had some sort of "fantasy machine"

catgirl1976 · 27/06/2012 22:41

Wow TouTou!

carernotasaint · 27/06/2012 22:41

Ooh Ooh which ones did you write?

OP posts:
TouTou · 27/06/2012 22:44

I wrote for Wicked Words, one of their anthologies. Then I had a positive response to my manuscript...then they stopped printing. Angry I'm going to dust off the MS right now. Hurrah!

carernotasaint · 27/06/2012 22:48

Tou Tou im impressed.

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solidgoldbrass · 28/06/2012 02:10

Catgirl, that was one of Delaney Silver's and I am ashamed to admit that I have forgotten the title too.

Oh and Black Lace authors did a bit for us, too.

Himalaya · 28/06/2012 07:07

I think they are onto something with E-readers offering a "brown paper cover" and no shop counter embarrassment.

catgirl1976 · 28/06/2012 08:16

Ahh, thanks sgb I have been trying to Google it as I wouldn't mind reading t again :-) no luck though but now you've given me the without I might be able to find it!

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