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Government sentencing stats

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GeekCool · 31/05/2012 11:27

maybe not a big deal as such, but on this site , under sexual offenses, ifyou hover over 'Rape' it says 'includes rape without consent...'

am I wrong to be a bit angry about this? Or am I being silly. Personally I didn't knowyou could consent to being raped.

OP posts:
ecclesvet · 31/05/2012 16:06

It's redundant to include the "without consent" part, because obviously rape is already non-consensual. But not worth getting angry about imo, I really don't think they're implying people consent to rape.

messyisthenewtidy · 31/05/2012 18:19

I think it's just an error because they haven't made the same mistake elsewhere. It's good (in a Confused way) to see that rape has the highest ratio of immediate custody, though they don't show the amount of rape trials that don't end in conviction..

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