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Feminist Culture Jamming.

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FeministPixie · 24/05/2012 13:00

I want to start a Femininja's (a term from my local feminist group) database/blog of stuff we can print out or write on stickers/slips of paper to slip into books and put on advertisements and in overly pinkified toys boxes and so on.

The thread about badges was funny, I thought you lot would be a good place to start.

Ideally culture jamming should be humorous, and thought provoking.

Topics such as rape culture/myths, violence, body image and objectification and good quotes from feminists and our allies.

As an activist activity it can be done solo (but is more fun with a friend or three)

One I would like to put in a Barbie doll box would be "Where is my Engineer/ Physicist Barbie?" by slipping it down the back of the box.

Past that, I'm all out of ideas.



OP posts:
slug · 24/05/2012 13:14

Stickers for those ads that cut off women's heads "I am actually a fully functioning human being"

FeministPixie · 24/05/2012 14:43

Awesome! For the same thing- "I am a woman, not a zombie-decapitation is not necessary"

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FeministPixie · 24/05/2012 14:44

In a speech bubble would be cool for that too...

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allthegoodnamesweretaken · 24/05/2012 16:49
FeministPixie · 24/05/2012 17:23

Yea I've seen the special K lady one, which was funny, but I want to take a slightly humorous approach wherever possible, which some of them don't. Feeling like you are preached at can make some people switch off or get defensive, which overrides the point, (for me, anyway) of doing it.

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