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Girl Model documentary

7 replies

weeonion · 27/01/2012 14:52

is anyone thinking of going?

OP posts:
KRITIQ · 27/01/2012 21:32

God that looks depressing! I think I may be away that weekend, but if not, will try. Will keep an eye out for other showings as well.

Pachelbel · 01/07/2012 00:52

I am aware that this thread is a few months old, but I have just watched this documentary on iPlayer and searched to see if there was already a thread, but only found this.

It can be found here for anyone who may be interested.

I wasn't totally naive to the fact that young girls are exploited in the overseas modelling world, but this has flabbered my ghast. Just awful.

yellowraincoat · 01/07/2012 03:12

Thanks for that Pachelbel, will watch tomorrow.

Heartbeep · 01/07/2012 04:08

I watched this the other day.
I know 'fashion' is a horribly exploitative industry but naively hadn't realised that this aspect existed. Those poor children.

The female scout clearly has significant issues, her own experiences & acceptance of them determine she's entirely the wrong person to be associated with these young girls.

Very sad programme.

nooka · 01/07/2012 07:17

I watched the documentary on a flight a month or so ago (strange selection for in flight entertainment I thought, but fascinating). It was incredibly sad, just so exploitative and the girls involved were clearly very damaged by their experiences.

GhouliaYelps · 01/07/2012 07:53

One of worst and most disturbing thing about this was the ex model agent. She was so troubled and disturbed she should in no way be mentoring those children.
It was just awful, those poor kids.

nooka · 01/07/2012 08:03

She didn't in truth appear to be mentoring anyone really. The girls were just put on a plane and then basically abandoned in a strange city. She was shown popping in once or twice and seemed to be almost completely disinterested. I suspect she might have found it just too painful if she had attempted to relate to them. A really good example of cognitive dissociation I guess. She clearly hated the industry, knew it had damaged her and yet she was luring in children (sometimes with completely blatant lies).

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