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Merry Christmas to all who post in, and read, the FS!!

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DeePanCrisPandEeeven · 24/12/2011 17:18

It's a busy time right now for all ( am up to my armpits in preparing a cauldron of leek and onion soup for 12 for tomorrow) but I wished to pass on festive greetings to fellow posters at this time. We argue, we disagree, we agree, we think things through, we occasionally fall out. But if our hearts and intents are 'pure' then there's at least hope!
For me the challenges come in 1. cuts affecting women disproprotionately 2. women in the Criminal Justice System( my field) and 3. women in sports coverage ( I am pretty sporty and share that space with lots of women but as a gender it is fairly unrecognised).

But in any case here's a Thanks to the FS!!

OP posts:
Trills · 24/12/2011 17:48

Feminism Section, I presume?

Yes, Merry Christmas to you all :)

GeekLove · 24/12/2011 18:07

Merry Christmas!
More a lurker but a sporadic poster. My challengers are the 1. The work-life balance 2. Challenging the objectivisation of women's bodies 3. Actually having time to join the local feminist group.
Not to mention raising my two DSs as good feminists.

DeePanCrisPandEeeven · 24/12/2011 19:42

GreekLove - DSs as good feminists? It's a challenge. I suspect my dd
(11 yo) will be an angry equalist. If she attains that I'll be ok.

OP posts:
Greythorne · 24/12/2011 20:21

I am a lurker and some time poster but the FS is my fave section of MN.

Happy Xmas.

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