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The War on Contraception (in the US)

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forkful · 20/12/2011 21:11

The War on Contraception in 2011 - an article about what has been happening in the US this year wrt to contraception.

Linked from that article - who is winning the abortion war?

BTW I am aware that there is currently a thread about what people think about abortion and I am not looking for this thread to repeat that.

I am horrified at what is going on in the US. We have also seen some backlash here in the UK with the Nadine Dorries campaigns etc. I think we need to be prepared for 2012. Does anyone have any info on the new advisory committee to the Government (the one with all the Christian charities etc..)?

There have also been several threads recently about restriction of access to sterilisation due to the cuts. Perhaps the frothers could froth about this?

Maybe come freedom of information info about numbers of sterilisations?

I am concerned that GPs are pushing Merina coils which have lots of side-effects which are dismissed/not explained etc.

OP posts:
aliasforthis2 · 20/12/2011 22:09

They seem to have a "new fad" contraception that GP's and family plannings are told to push on people every couple of years. I have used GP's, family planning clinics and also more specialist clinics all my life due to some complex medical problems and they all seem to recommend the same thing for a while then move onto something else.

When I was a teen it was "go on the pill - there are lots of new kinds to help with your acne"

Then around the time I was having my first child in 2005 and after her birth they were raving about the depo injection.Lots of my friends got it and had horrendous side-effects.

After my son's birth it was the mirena coil they were seemingly obsessed with.

Now it has been (for me anyway) - the progesterone implant. I mentioned in pill-check I am taking my pill at night as if I take it in the morning on empty stomach I feel a bit nauseous (but never actually vomit). I felt pretty cornered when after a rushed spiel about "well you don't want to be ending up not taking your pill and having an unplanned pregnancy" and "long-acting reversible contraceptives" but no actual agreement from me the nurse pulled out an implant from a drawer, opened the packet and started taking one out ready to insert it before I'd even had a chance to think Shock.

I ended up saying no I'm quite happy with the pill (according to my PCOS consultant I'm better with the oestrogen too to balance out hormones) - I'll just take it on a full stomach / at night and legged it out of there! I felt a bit like an animal they were trying to corner in a "must stop them from reproducing - implant it! next 3 years - sorted" way Hmm

alexpolismum · 21/12/2011 18:32

This is madness.

Why would anti-abortionists want to restrict contraception? Surely better contraception means fewer unwanted pregnancies and consequently fewer abortions, which is their stated goal?

Or do they actually WANT women to have unwanted pregnancies? Or better still not have sex at all unless for the purposes of procreation? Do they live in some kind of parallel universe?

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