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Was suprised to hear a woman say this...

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difficulttimes · 09/12/2011 17:16

was having a medical yesterday, by a female nurse middle aged and shje was just telling me who worked at the practice etc, and she just came out with 'the 2 girls are leaving because they've got pregnant!!' tutted loudly and rolled her eyes. These 'girls' were women doctors. In was quite taken aback, tbh I'vbe never even heard a man say that.

And then after hearing I'd had an implant removal , said 'best get on the pill don't want any accidents do we?'
planning to ttc in like a week (live vaccine ends) I darent correct her.Confused

just as bit of a wtf moment woman obviously doesnt like pg women Confused and runs a mw too lol.

Anyone else had a experience like this?

OP posts:
Trills · 09/12/2011 18:20

No, I haven't had an experience like this.

It's rather odd for a nurse (who presumably treats pregnant women sometimes) to be so anti-pregnancy.

WoTmania · 09/12/2011 20:20

How odd. Maybe she was disapproving because they were leaving for good not just mat leave and she feels women are under represented in the workplace?

AyeFartedOnSantasLap · 09/12/2011 20:27

Does your surprise come from assuming that all women are feminists and/or supportive of other women?

BIG mistake.

difficulttimes · 09/12/2011 21:39

Well I'd be hoping so Aye [looks around naiively]

well I sorta think she runs a pregnancy clinic those poor women ! eek

OP posts:
NotADudeExactly · 10/12/2011 00:43

I've worked with a (horrible for a whole array of reasons) woman who was downright hateful about a pregnant colleague, C.. She was constantly complaining about C. getting time off for scans, C. being given extra breaks when she was suffering from MS etc.

I (being her boss) finally lost it when she was mouthing off about how C. was getting to go on a long paid holiday (maternity leave to the rest of us) and would be getting "all that money to sit on her lazy fat arse all day long".

No, I don't think that women are always supportive of each other. However, that one shocked me too.

Alibabaandthe80nappies · 10/12/2011 00:46

The people at my work who were the most vile to me while I was pregnant were other women.

difficulttimes · 10/12/2011 09:34

I'm suprised these dont loose their jaws , atagonising a pregnant woman.

I did have one nasty incident on a bus (I was a young mum)

an older woman was visibly pointing and talking aloud on a bus, people were looking at me pity/embarassment etc that was what made me snap.
she was doing the whole 'this genration' stuff.

'This generation' will be the one wiping your arse one day so In the meantime you might learn some manners'
went silent, Immeandiately thought arrgh shoulda said nothing.

OP posts:
difficulttimes · 10/12/2011 09:38

Often I've noticed its older women who are like 'well we never had it in my day'

etc like a resentment.
I was just suprised that to comev from a nurse.

OP posts:
LRDtheFeministDragon · 10/12/2011 14:16

Report it, then. She shouldn't be talking like that in front of patients, it's very unprofessional.

gallicgirl · 10/12/2011 14:29

I think a frosty "well that's my business, isn't it?" would sort her out.

difficulttimes · 10/12/2011 19:16

Hmm yeah hindsight is a wonderful thing lol,

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