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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

DDs take on Christianity

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startail · 23/11/2011 22:25

She's 10
I don't think Jesus is the son of God, I think he's just a prophet and it's about time we had a female prophet.
Any way I'm waiting 'till God sends one of his daughters. I bet they are too useful doing the washing up in heaven.

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EleanorRathbone · 23/11/2011 22:45


Oh god, the thought of doing washing up in heaven...

KRITIQ · 23/11/2011 22:48

I'm sure they'd have a heavenly dishwasher and plenty of angels to load and unload it!

startail · 24/11/2011 00:33

I did suggest that they should get some people from he'll to wash up, but she says she doesn't believe in hell. So the grainy angels would have to do it.

OP posts:
startail · 24/11/2011 00:35

Trainee angels (iPods don't believe in hell either)

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TeiTetua · 24/11/2011 06:36

The idea of washing up in heaven makes me think of this:

sleeplessinUK · 24/11/2011 06:47

LOL - the local Nun attached to DS's Catholic school is VERY pro women's issues. She often says the concept of a male God is wrong and we should be saying "Our Father AND Our Mother" when praying. Even the local priest says the concept of God as a man is wrong.

KRITIQ · 24/11/2011 18:13

Although as a kid I went to church (more for the fun, socialising and sweets than anything,) I don't think the overtly patriarchal messages of Christianity really got through to me. I know have much first hand knowledge of "trinitarian" denominations (did I make that word up?), but I've always thought in my mind, what seems to be the most important component of that conceptualisation of the Divine is the Holy Spirit bit. Maybe it's just me, but that Holy Spirit seems either to be without a gender or if anything, leaning to the female side.

(Must dash to a meeting now!)

messyisthenewtidy · 24/11/2011 18:44

Maybe your DD is a Catholic - there are tons of female saints there!

somewherewest · 26/11/2011 15:08

I'm vague on the details but there is a Christian tradition of viewing the Holy Spirit as feminine. Its never really bothered me that Jesus was a man, because the masculinity he modelled (forgiveness, non-violence, treating women well) is very positive and would've been completely counter-cultural for most of history.

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