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Video going round fb Best way for girls to lose weight.

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carernotasaint · 29/10/2011 22:12

The vid ive described was sent to my fb page. It is of a line of women riding pink excersise bikes and the faster they pedal the more they see of the virtual male stripper taking his clothes off. He is sort of a silouette of lights.
Sorry i cant describe it any better than that. It was shared by loads of people including my sw consultant.

Im waiting for the sequel Best way for boys to lose weight but i aint holding my breath.

OP posts:
KRITIQ · 29/10/2011 23:12

Urgh, that makes me cringe big style. There seems to be this assumption that because women stripping/pole dancing/burlesque is becoming so "normalised" that women must equally want to get their rocks off by seeing men doing the same thing. Nope, most women don't get off on seeing men objectified (quite apart from the fact that male stripping doesn't involve the men portraying themselves as passive receptors of more powerful female sexuality.)

In fact, so often, objectification of women is "justified" by those who are cheerleaders for it by insisting that women are "free" to view men that way to (without accepting that women, and particularly feminists aren't interested in objectifying of people full stop!)

TheRealTillyMinto · 30/10/2011 09:05

aside from the objectification, it doesnt even make any sense: think about running/cycling as fast as you can, you do feel sexy? why make a video of such a stupid idea?

KRITIQ · 30/10/2011 12:19

It's probably along the same lines as that old Diet Coke break advert - the assumption that a scantily clad male is an incentive for women, I don't know, to do something I guess.

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