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Portugal, drugs, prostitution

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aliceliddell · 04/06/2011 19:09

Since we know the close connection between addiction and prostitution, has the Portuguese experience of partial decriminalisation of drugs and improved treatment programmes led to a fall in prostitution?

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Straight2Extremes · 04/06/2011 20:13

I wonder as well I know that drug overdose and HIV infections (from needles) have had a major fall but I also would like to know about the effect it has had on prostitution.

aliceliddell · 05/06/2011 14:01

Well, S2E, looks like we'll have to wait for the answer to that one?

OP posts:
Straight2Extremes · 07/06/2011 11:31

Well from what I have read there has been an increase in prostitution in some cities because of the influx of immigrants from eastern Europe and Brazil. In Portugal over half of all prostitutes are foreign so I don't think the legalisation has any effect of it at all.

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