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reclaim the name

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sparky246 · 04/06/2011 07:45

ive been following some of the slutwalk stuff but i still cant make my mind up how i feel about it.
when i first heard about it i thought"omfg-they cant be serious"-
then i thought "why not"-now as i said-cant make my mind up.

not quite the same thing but-a few weeks ago i suggessted elsewhere that we should stand outside ken whatshesname office and call him a bastard.
i was told that we shouldnt really do this as the word bastard would be insulting hes mother.
at the time i thought"yep-ok" but a few days later i thought "hang on-mother?-where is the dad in this?if this is a insulting word-how come the fella gets off ?[actuallly we know why]

when i first heard the word "underclass"it really really upset me.
since then ive tooken the word and i use it a lot.
im actually suprised that ive never been challenged on this[there again im not as i bet a few are thinking"yep sparky know youre place]
i use this word as a dig to others "youve named me this but fuck you-
im not letting you do this to me"-[give me a name to keep me down]
i see strenth in my underclass sisters and actually the idiot who came up with this name probebly wouldnt last a week in theyre shoes,
so its actually a word of strenth[so there].

so-if someone gives us a horrible name but we dont reclaim it-
does this mean that we are actually"owning it"?

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sparky246 · 04/06/2011 07:47

im not spacificly talking about this board-im talking in general!

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HaughtyChuckle · 04/06/2011 08:45

what name are we talking about?

sparky246 · 04/06/2011 08:49

any name that is seen as offensive i suppose Haughtychuckle.

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