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Albertina Sisulu has died

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ThisIsANiceCage · 03/06/2011 00:06

I know this won't mean much to many people here, but I didn't want to leave her passing unmarked. And she was a heroine and fighter on so many fronts.

Hamba kahle, Albertina.

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AyeRobot · 03/06/2011 00:08

She sounds like an amazing woman. I am ashamed I didn't know of her.


AyeRobot · 03/06/2011 00:09

A march of 20,000 women? Fuck me. I would be lucky if I got 20.

thumbwitch · 03/06/2011 00:14

RIP Mrs Sisulu - what a fabulous woman you were. Hope you get some decent recognition in your homeland.

ThisIsANiceCage · 03/06/2011 00:14
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ThisIsANiceCage · 03/06/2011 00:16

Bollocks, dead link. Try this one

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