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sparky246 · 27/05/2011 16:26

i cant get into the lfn forum-it keeps coming up with"restricted access-content control"!
this wasnt happening before-is anyone else having this problem?
and what can i do about it please?

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AliceWorld · 31/05/2011 20:19

you got it fixed yet Sparky? I can get in just fine.

AliceWorld · 31/05/2011 20:24

I can see all your posts and there isn't a 'chuck Sparky off' response Grin and your 'position' is still 'member'. (and now I'll stop looking as I feel like I'm getting carried away with looking at your info which might be a bit disconcerting Grin)

sparky246 · 01/06/2011 13:36

ha ha ha ha.
well thats good to know-thanks Alice.
no i havent got back in yet but it has happened when ive tried to go somewhere else now aswell-so im guessing its something to do with my computor.
phew-i thought my reputation had got there before meGrin

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