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45 yr old woman blinded on suspicion of witchcraft

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sakura · 24/05/2011 13:33

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May 21, 2011 22:10 RAIPUR: Eleven people stormed into a house in a central Indian village and assaulted a woman whom they accused of witchcraft, blinding her and her husband by stabbing them in the eyes with scissors, police said on Saturday.

And they're still at it. YOu would have thought the millions of women killed in Europe on suspicion of witchcraft would have been enough to satisfy the bloodlust for females. Apparently not.

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thaigreencurry · 24/05/2011 13:38

Depressing. Sad

Pendeen · 24/05/2011 14:35

Yes, awful thing to happen to two people.

But I don't think many people in India have heard of the witchcraft frenzy in Europe during the middle ages so that would not affect the Indian criminals' bloodlust.

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 24/05/2011 15:03

Fucking hell.

Witchcraft is the weirdest thing, it crops up in so many places and (most of the time) it is an accusation targetted at women. Why?

ElephantsAndMiasmas · 24/05/2011 15:05

(Oh and totally OT but Pendeen if you live where it sounds like you do then I know it well!)

Pendeen · 24/05/2011 15:19

Again OT, and not wishing to hijack such an emotive thread but......Elephant-- are you local then?

HaughtyChuckle · 24/05/2011 15:21

awful , awful,thing to happen

sakura · 25/05/2011 06:10

Oh I agree Pendeen, I was just pointing out that accusing women of witchcraft seem to be universal and not just a European thing. Come to think of it I know women are still murdered in Africa for it.

WOmen are Other, the scapegoats of all scapegoats...
it's interesting that the default POV of primitive cultures (yes, I will call cultures that do this primitive) is that women are all-powerful, that it makes sense to them that women could kill all the cattle with a hex.

That's the root of misogyny, I suppose.. the awe of women's life-bearing powers. SOmething that men cannot ever do.

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