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Please help me find atuff to read re: victims' identities being subsumed by "victim" status

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DirtyMartini · 23/05/2011 22:15

I'm going to be honest and say, I don't especially want a whole book on this; I'd love to read one in theory, but in reality right now it would disappear into my stack of books I am currently trying to read in snatched moments between paid work & child/baby care.

But if anyone has any good tips for articles, blogs or anything like that on this topic, I would be really grateful. It is a thing, isn't it -- I mean a recognized issue that people have written about? I have a sense that it is, but am not well-informed about it.

Am particularly interested in anything that applies a historical point of view to the issue, but I reckon that may be harder to find?

Context is that I want to write about it in a blog post -- not for pay or anything, just personal interest.

Many thanks to anyone who can point me at anything :)

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DirtyMartini · 23/05/2011 22:17

By the way, when I say victims, I realize this is feminism, but I do mean any victims -- but the person I am thinking & hoping to blog about was a young woman, and I suspect this issue may disproportionately affect women anyway.

OP posts:
DirtyMartini · 23/05/2011 22:19

of any crime -- sorry, am v tired by this time of the evening!

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