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I'm so upset - I need to do something, but what?

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Mamathulu · 23/05/2011 13:08

This morning, I stumbled upon this.
WHO do I write to about this? My MP? UN? an International Human RIghts organisation?
Don't get me wrong, I'm pro-abortion rights, I sadly have had to have two myself, which were horrible experiences, but this?
This is discrimination against being female before you've even left the womb, ffs!!! Angry Angry
I just CAN'T sit by and not do something, even though I can't even leave my own living room. It's just so pointless and sad.

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SardineQueen · 23/05/2011 13:37

I started a thread about this too. Im sorry but I have no idea what can be done. Hopefully others will have more of an idea and will come and post.

Mamathulu · 23/05/2011 15:24

Shameless bump :)

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SkaterGrrrrl · 23/05/2011 15:27

Makes my blood boil. I have a tiny baby daughter and could cry when I think about those babies killed for being girls. I am pro-choice too but this is an horrific story.

Not sure what we can do? Try a campaigning organisation where online petitions etc are actually effective (ie sent to world leaders rather than circling the internet aimlessly like many internet petitions).

darleneoconnor · 23/05/2011 17:24

This has been going on for 49 years in China, ever since the one child policy was started.

I've also read that one of the apparent knock on effects has been an increase in demand for prostitution and trafficking.

Mamathulu · 23/05/2011 17:45

Thank you ladies - I knew someone would have a good idea - I'm already a member of Avaaz, so I should have thought of it!!

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SkaterGrrrrl · 23/05/2011 19:24

I know... its the helplessness that compounds my anger. Hopefully Avaaz are campaigning on this. Love your user name, any African connection?

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