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Women, Higher Education, and the Cuts

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Penthesileia · 20/05/2011 11:56

Perhaps I ought to post this is Activism, but it seems that there is more traffic in this section.

I received this via my union rep this morning. In case anyone is interested and can attend.

Thursday 26th May 2011 6-9 p.m.
A meeting to hear what is happening and plan action

Feminist Library, 5 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7XW

On hearing about the threatened closure of the History Dept at London
Met, where Lucy Bland, one of this country's most respected feminist
historians, works, we at the Feminist Library started thinking that
there ought to be a concerted feminist outcry about what is happening in
our universities. It's about more than Women's Studies. It's about the
fact that the Humanities in general, which are studied by more women
than men, are under particular attack, it's about older women returning
to study, it's about a woman lecturer being threatened with redundancy
because she was on maternity leave when the axe started falling in her
university, and she too teaches a subject, not Humanities, where most of
her students are women, and of course it's also about racism and
classism and all the other ways that women get systematically dumped on,
both inside academia and without.

At the meeting we will hear about the many problems women are facing in
Higher Education from a number of different perspectives.

Speakers will include:
Lucy Bland (London Metropolitan University), Patrizia Di Bello
(Birkbeck, University of London), Women Against the Cuts, UKUncut, women
student activists, Women's Budget Group, and others to be confirmed.

This will be followed by an exchange of ideas about actions we can take
and alliances we can make. Please spread this information around your
Everyone is welcome.

The Feminist Library hopes to hold further meetings on how the cuts
affect women in different areas, e.g. health, school education,
disability, housing, social services. If you have other ideas or would
like to contribute in any way, please contact us at
admi[email protected] 020 7261 0879. Unfortunately, we have
restricted disabled access, so please also contact us to see how we can

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RamblingRosa · 20/05/2011 13:16

I got sent that too. Maybe worth posting in the students section too?

steamedtreaclesponge · 20/05/2011 13:20

Aah that does sound good, thanks for posting

Penthesileia · 24/05/2011 14:48

Just bumping in case anyone is interested in attending. Smile

OP posts:
Penthesileia · 25/05/2011 11:51

Bumping again. Smile

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