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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Scrapping parental leave for small businesses

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AnnieLobeseder · 19/03/2011 14:09

Have you ladies seen this.

I feel ill.....

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meditrina · 19/03/2011 14:14

See also this thread in this forum.

Has there been any more news on exactly what these proposals will contain?

AnnieLobeseder · 19/03/2011 14:37

Thanks meditrina. I had a quick scan down to list to see if there was already a thread but missed that one.

All I know is what was in the Gruniad article.

But I just feel sick inside when I see any advance for women being stripped away. How can they get away with removing people's (ie women's) rights? Surely they'd never get away with it for any other group?

Although, not to forget the menz, this propsal covers paternity leave too.

What makes me most ill are some of the comments on the thread I linked to who think this is a good and valid proposal.

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