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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Something to put you in the right mood for IWD

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David51 · 08/03/2011 15:34

...and to say thanks for all the great feminist insights & education I've been getting here

Elsie the Hollaback Heroine

OP posts:
Prolesworth · 08/03/2011 15:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

thefinerthingsinlife · 08/03/2011 16:56

Fantastic David. Bloody good for her, hopefully those misognist bastards will think twice next time

GlitterHo · 08/03/2011 19:08

that thing about saying which women onn the carriage they would shag was bloody awful.

can you imagine just being sat there mind your own and 3 louts ripping your appearance apart. Good on her

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