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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Top tips for a new feminist

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RedFlagHag · 06/03/2011 14:34


I'm not really a 'new' feminist. I've always thought of myself - and declared myself a feminist, in fact - to be a feminist, and I have been raised by a mother who was a stalwart of the 1970s feminist movement.

Now, I want to take it one step further than just thinking about it privately, or having the odd heated debate about it with my mother.

I started a discussion about feminism with my husband last night and really felt that I need more ammunition (for want of a better word) in these kinds of debates. I need to know more, to have better informed, articulated opinions, backed up with evidence.

Can any more experienced feminists point me in the right direction of a must-read book or blog, or some events I can attend? Anything, really, that will help me start to formulate some proper arguments and to give me some ideas as to how I can contribute to the feminist cause?


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RedFlagHag · 06/03/2011 14:34

excuse garbled message - typing with 2 yr old on knee

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msrisotto · 06/03/2011 15:28

Have you read any feminism books? Kat Banyards The Equality Illusion is great for ammunition supporting evidence for your arguments debates.

bucaneve · 06/03/2011 15:28

Are there any particular 'bits' of feminism you're most interested in? i.e. pay gap, porn etc. Just so we can get an idea of what kind of books you might like? The Equality Illusion is meant to be a very good book re: why we still need feminism now.

I also like 'The F word' blog/site as its mainly written by people in the UK plus they have lots of reviews of various things. Hmm, I think re backing stuff up with trust-worthy evidence I'd maybe look at The Fawcett society website or the UN Women site.

bucaneve · 06/03/2011 15:29

oops x-post re: The Equality Illusion

RedFlagHag · 06/03/2011 15:35

I have ordered the Equality Illusion on Amazon, thanks!


I am interested in all of it.

I suppose my main areas of interest at the moment are the world of work - the pay gap and glass ceiling etc - as this is very close to my heart.

Obviously violence and sexual violence against women (in the UK and around the world) is of great concern to me.

I will look at the F Word blog. have been looking at the Fawcett Society website today Smile

Thanks all.

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dittany · 06/03/2011 15:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

msrisotto · 06/03/2011 16:01

I love TEDWomen, there are some really inspirational things on there.


Another one

You might be interested in The Glass Cliff phenomenon too.

thefinerthingsinlife · 06/03/2011 17:08

I second hang about on here, it's taught me loads.

FlamingoBingo · 07/03/2011 07:54

Hang around here. I was saying what you were saying a couple of months ago, and I can't believe how much I've learnt!

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