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Ross Kemp in Juarez

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amiheartless · 05/03/2011 20:14

Sky 1 Monday 9pm,

glad to see this on tbh, not thats its a bad thing but Africa i've noticed gets alot of publicity.
and Juarez (the most dangerous city on the planet) gets not so much, which isn't very good.
I put this in feminism because of the femicides, hundreds of women are murdered especially who work in masqeriladero's (factories) which have been rumoured that the employers make them show them their dirty tampons for months to prove their not preg Shock and the police are v. negligent to catch murderers who must be powerful people, drug cartels run everything, plice no go areas. seriously why is this not investigated more?? I've had convo's IRL amd people are pretty ignorant to it. Thats when MAC arent trying to make a make up line about it ...yes really.

few articles

sorry rant over, you can e-slap me lol

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yama · 05/03/2011 21:11

I read the Amnesty Report relating to the Juarez murders. Heartbreaking stuff.

I listened to Ross Kemp on the radio a few weeks ago talking about this series. Don't have Sky though.

amiheartless · 06/03/2011 10:39

:( bad times yama

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amiheartless · 06/03/2011 16:28

Anyone else watching it??

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LemonDifficult · 06/03/2011 16:41

Mexico really needs more attention.

yama · 06/03/2011 17:44

The Amnesty Report states that there have been hundreds of murders of females in Juarez.

One woman was turned away from work for being 4 minutes late and was found dead in a field.

A 19 year old molested and then murdered his 10 year old cousin.

Men murder their wives.

The general feeling is that families are remiss in that they 'allow' their womenfolk out thus 'asking for it'.

Factories move there because women provide cheap labour.

Yes, grim.

amiheartless · 06/03/2011 19:06

I totally agree LemonDifficult

Africa & the middle east are obvioulsy very troubled and lots needs to done to help the countries/continents in terms of poverty, wa, treatment of women,children.

when in actual fact S. America is probably the most dangerous place in the world, well it is. seems odd to me,

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TotalChaos · 06/03/2011 19:17

Pity this is not on a freeview channel. Amexica by Ed Vulliamy has some good chapters on Juarez and conditions in the factories

amiheartless · 08/03/2011 10:25

Anyone watch this last night? good watch

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