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Civil Damages won in Sex Assault Case

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AyeRobot · 02/03/2011 16:36

Well done!!

If I won big on the lottery, I would set up a fund for victims to pursue civil claims against their attackers.

Actually, might not wait until then Grin

OP posts:
Prolesworth · 02/03/2011 16:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

StayFrosty · 02/03/2011 17:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AyeRobot · 02/03/2011 17:21

If every victim went through the civil courts it would be revolutionary.

A sense of justice for the victim, I hope, and some figures on the shocking amount of sexual crimes that the apologists could not argue with (although they would try).

OP posts:
sethstarkaddersmackerel · 02/03/2011 17:40

except then they would change it so rape cases couldn't go through the civil courts

seriously, it will only take a few more cases and there will be an outcry from the MRAs that a man can have his noble reputation besmirched on the balance of probabilities.

SardineQueen · 02/03/2011 19:31

Thanks for posting this ayerobot, a good story.

AyeRobot · 02/03/2011 23:38

You're probably right, seth.

I'd still do it if I had the funds. That and a rally team. Smile

OP posts:
aliceliddell · 04/03/2011 19:18

I mentioned a case like this on th BG thread without realising this was here. Well done for finding it an sorry for ignoring this in the other one! Could be the way to go (but SSAM may well be right)

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