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The Amanda Knox Film, when did murder become entertainment?

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cynicalmum · 04/02/2011 14:43

Since before the Roman Empire, death has always been society's chief form of entertainment. How much has changed in 2000 years,people,news,amanda-knox-film-trailer-includes-meredith-kercher-attack-scene-video-hayden-panettiere

OP posts:
ElephantsAndMiasmas · 04/02/2011 15:05

that is absolutely vile.

Murder of beautiful young women seems to be the commonest type of murder focussed on in films and TV. In sheer bulk there are probably more men killed (in shootouts etc) but in terms of lingering detail, it's the slim, pretty girls who get slaughtered horribly according to the rules of drama :(

Her parents must be in pieces about this, surely it violates every rule of human decency to dramatise someone's murder against their family's will?

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