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How romantic: Ann Summers to have live underwear models to persuade men to buy for Valentine's Day

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JessinAvalon · 29/01/2011 09:54

Yep, that'll be really romantic, knowing that your other half was ogling another woman in the underwear he's bought for you!

Then there is the issue of having live underwear models for men to perv over in a high street sex shop.

Do they think men are really this desperate?

OP posts:
sethstarkaddersmackerel · 29/01/2011 10:02

'Man Summers will also hire cabs to pick up "local men" and drop them off at its tills in the week leading up to Valentine's Day.'

that sounds like a very weird dream and probably a nightmare.

you are wandering along the street minding your own business and thinking about beer or football or some other man thing, and suddenly a cab stops in front of you and the driver tells you to get in. Before you know it you are in a brightly lit place surrounded by scantily clad women all telling you to BUY BUY BUY but you know your girlfriend hates vile tacky Ann Summers and anyway you can't remember what size she is so in a panic you grab the nearest thing and pay for it just to get out of the shop.
you get her chocs and roses as usual.
and then there is a bit row a few months later when your girlfriend finds the tacky underwear in someone else's size stuffed into the bottom of your briefcase.

ISNT · 29/01/2011 10:02

The whole underwear thing is ridiculous. I used to work in a department store and before xmas there'd be all these creepy men snapping up basques and fishnet tights and after xmas there's be all these women coming in and exchanging all this size 12 male fantasy underwear for size 16 big pants.

I mean it's all well and good if your partner likes sexy undies and you know her size and taste, but this was just silly.

They were often a bit letchy as well (I was about 19 and when I asked what size they wanted, many of them would slowly look me up and down and say "about your size".)

So yes the idea that they are getting women in for the men to ogle and presumably persuade the men to part with their money is dubious in the extreme. Are the women going to be expected to interact or not I wonder.

sethstarkaddersmackerel · 29/01/2011 10:02

big row

SmellsLikeTeenStrop · 29/01/2011 11:59

I can't believe they consulted any women about this. What a stupid idea.

JessinAvalon · 29/01/2011 12:05

I know!

Surely it's not a very attractive proposition for women.

Let's try it the other way...

"Ladies...come to the Calvin Klein store and see fit young male models strut about in the latest boxer shorts, trunks and briefs. Choose a pair for your husband or boyfriend after you've feasted your eyes on the delights in store.

Your boyfriend will love the special effort that it's taken to buy him his present for this year."

Nope, can't see many men being too happy about that!

OP posts:
vesuvia · 29/01/2011 14:10

'Summers will also hire cabs to pick up "local men" and drop them off at its tills in the week leading up to Valentine's Day.'

Sounds like kerb crawling.

vesuvia · 29/01/2011 14:18

Oops. I pressed post instead of preview.

My previous post should say

Sounds like kerb crawling. In reverse.

dittany · 29/01/2011 14:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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