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I said something today and plan to say it again if needed

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Katiekitty · 17/01/2011 18:29

I work in a very male dominated, traditionally sexist environment. It's run by men, middle-aged, white, middle-class men. Women succeed rarely. And girls have to be polite and girly girls who never question anything or else you're called a 'ball-breaker'.

Today, I was asking about a new person who'd just started, don't know them, had a meeting scheduled.

Turns out it's a woman in the role.

So, I say, oh how's she doing, settling in etc...

Am told: "Well by all account, she's not bad looking"

I reply: "And what of her professional achievements?"

I recieved a batch of murmmering and muttering and foot shuffling...

OP posts:
Coleysworth · 17/01/2011 22:26

Gah! Good for you for putting him on the spot.

HerBeatitude · 17/01/2011 22:46

You fucking ball-breaker.


Katiekitty · 17/01/2011 23:05

Thank you!

(takes a bow)

(and a pair of balls while she's down there)

OP posts:
HerBeatitude · 17/01/2011 23:38

LOL, nice twist...

AnyFucker · 17/01/2011 23:42

good girl < patronising pat on the rear >

just kidding, that was perfect, and hit just the right note

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