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So tomorrow I will start a brand new magazine aimed at 16-25year olds what's in it?

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MargaretGraceBondfield · 10/01/2011 19:07

If I had the money I would love to fill the gap in the market for a decent women's magazine. Replace Cosmo, More, Vacuous for dummies, Stick thin, Hello, etc etc with something that people want to read, not myths, misogyny, and diets!!

So what would sell?

OP posts:
EdnaTheInebriateWoman · 10/01/2011 19:12

So aimed at women but not of that ilk?

Tricky - as i have tended to buy specialist stuff i am interested in - but not aimed at men or women i.e. Fortean times, British Archaeology, Artist and Illustrator etc.

I can't think of a women - related magazine i would like [per se) - although a paper based mumsnet wouldn't go amiss Grin

southeastastra · 10/01/2011 19:14

i buy fortean times too (did you see that poor baby elephant with his truck being pulled by that croc!)

when i was younger i loved marie claire, seemed to have lots of different articles - cosmo was good to - lots of equality and how to get ahead in your career type stuff.

so different to now but that was about 1986

MargaretGraceBondfield · 10/01/2011 19:15

It's just girls do buy magazines, I like Vanity Fair but even that can be a little Hmm at times. If I bought something now, at 36, I'd buy the economist. BUT at 17 I read Cosmo, which was not so bad back then.

It has to look beautiful but have decent content. Perhaps only front cover airbrushed? Interviews with Fawcett Society chair, Top level female execs etc.

OP posts:
southeastastra · 10/01/2011 19:17

i caught a copy of GQ the other day, there was tons to read in that Blush maybe they think women don't like reading so much now - grim

EdnaTheInebriateWoman · 10/01/2011 19:23

SEA - yes Sad - and i also felt for the poor mouse in the frog....last months was fascinating with the Star of Bethlehem...

MGB - i agree with you that when i read Cosmo etc. in the late 80s / early 90s it wasn't half so vacuous....and that is not looking back with rose tinted really did have good articles as did Marie Claire.

Now every woman looks 30 minutes from death by malnutrition and it's just such subversive subservience (dressed up as power by sexiness).

CuppaTeaJanice · 10/01/2011 19:24

Practical advice about useful stuff.

Social history - I love hearing old people's life stories.

Fashion advice, but not pictures of trousers that cost £3000 etc.

Really amazing photos of different places, people and animals.

Worldwide problems and what we can do to help.

Very, very easy recipes that don't contain garlic.

Pictures of gorgeous men (shallow)

Wierd stuff - not exploitative or macabre, but interesting unusual occurrences and the stories behind them.

Free samples that aren't bright pink lipstick. Discount coupons that are actually useful.

Music, film, tv, theatre reviews that are candid and short.

SlightlyTubbyHali · 10/01/2011 19:25

It would have to still be aspirational, contain sex advice and all the rest or it simply would not sell. Sex, money, relationships and beauty are all things people are really interested in.

A section a bit like Joan Rivers' programme "how did you get so rich" but instead of fat men as the subjects, every one should be a self-made woman.

Sex sections about how to orgasm, how to teach your bloke to make sure you do, instead of all this "how to give the perfect blow job" clap trap.

Fashion pieces that are age-appropriate and don't just teach girls to dress like they charge by the hour (and not in a good, lawyerly way).

EdnaTheInebriateWoman · 10/01/2011 19:32

Does anyone over a certain age buy women (and girl) magazines? I wonder because in my circle of friends ranging from mid 30s to mid 60s - not many of us do.

Maybe it is more for the aspirational 20s? Which is absolutely fine - but give them something to aspire too....Grin

MargaretGraceBondfield · 10/01/2011 19:36

I hope people are interested in more than sex, money and relationships. I would have loved to read about travel, worldwide projects and issues, and I would love to slip in a feminist agenda. So perhaps an update page, march here, protest there, meeting here etc.

I occasionally wish to buy a magazine, but the choice is skeletal slebs, what Colleen is having for dinner or decorate your home magazines. I want a thinking woman's mag for me right now. A GQ for women. I want to read an interview with Sandy Toksvig, or Shappy thingy as well as historical stories.

God I wish I had the money, perhaps I should get some articles together and go on Dragon's Den.

OP posts:
msrisotto · 10/01/2011 19:48

Things I would love to read about in a magazine:
Travel, hobbies people have, Interviews with successful women in all areas of work, (realistic!) healthy eating advice (do you see those ridiculous meal planners with fantastically complicated meals that would cost millions to actually follow? Who are they kidding?), practical tips about improving household stuff like decorating, cooking, garden etc, social awareness pieces like homelessness or DV etc, up coming comedians, play/film/book reviews, book clubs.

Not exhaustive but exhausting!

Metherbumfit · 10/01/2011 19:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

StewieGriffinsMom · 10/01/2011 19:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scallopsrgreat · 10/01/2011 20:03

Marie Claire used to be quite good (back in the 80's) and it had great articles about issues from around the world (I first learnt about female circumcision from one of the articles Sad).

The type of magazine I think you are thinking of MGB I would have loved to buy as a teenager/early 20's. Never been interested in fashion/makeup/ways to keep myself in a relationship/people's sensational life stories ala NOTW etc. In fact I don't think I read a gossip mag til I was in my 30's (I do realise I am probably the exception rather than the norm!). So travel articles, current affairs, different outlooks on life/ways of life would be what I wanted to see.

Metherbumfit - they said that about porn mags such a Playboy in the 60's and look where we are now. There are ways of getting around these things if people really wnat to - they just don't want to.

StewieGriffinsMom · 10/01/2011 20:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMightyToosh · 10/01/2011 20:24

I'd love to read a magazine that is full of tips and tricks for beauty, fashion, hair, house, interiors, etc etc that don't COST me a FORTUNE! I hate it when I flick to an article that promises to show me how to nail a trend or up-do, and then find it just wants to sell me a £400 tank top or a celebrity 'only-available-in-london' hair treatment. Pah!

Metherbumfit · 10/01/2011 20:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TrillianAstra · 10/01/2011 20:27

Careers advice maybe - how to be assertive and get what you want and deserve without falling foul of the asstertive-woman=pushy-bitch problem.

SycamoretreeIsVile · 10/01/2011 20:27

I like features. About interesting people from all walks of life. But I'm 36 - not exactly target age bracket.

CommanderDrool · 10/01/2011 20:28

Prob is mumsnet is so much better.

TrillianAstra · 10/01/2011 20:31

How to spot a timewaster of a man.

How to make it so that you can continue your career when you have children.

How to put on nail varnish so it stays there for more than a day.

StewieGriffinsMom · 10/01/2011 20:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MargaretGraceBondfield · 10/01/2011 20:38

Perhaps a grown up magazine too?

OP posts:
MargaretGraceBondfield · 10/01/2011 20:39

~You know the world is full of interesting and courageous women, I guarantee if you asked your average teen girl to name people they admire they would either be beautiful and talentless or men.

OP posts:
TrillianAstra · 10/01/2011 20:39
StewieGriffinsMom · 10/01/2011 20:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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