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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Blimey - Music, Money and HipHop honeys BBC 3

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tallwivglasses · 06/01/2011 02:12

On now, it's doing my head in.

Nel Heday is doing pretty well though - as the commentator - good on her Shock

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tallwivglasses · 06/01/2011 02:14

Sorry, don't know if there's other threads on this, was just a bit horrified and sad.

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tallwivglasses · 06/01/2011 02:26

Ignore. Go to Feminism on BBC - same subject x

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TheBrandyButterflyEffect · 06/01/2011 02:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kittenshaped · 06/01/2011 12:36

i'll have to watch the repeat. I dont think its weird TheBrandyButterflyEffect, you really don't know whats coming on half of them and a lot have censored and uncensored versions.
the whole t&a of music videos is getting even worse in normal tv, theres a sofa ad on tv at the mo and i was completely horrified and kept laughing at how unreal it was, showing it to various family/friends. they're dancing around a sofa in bras and knickers to the song Girls on Film.its just like how is that going to sell a sofa...?i dont even remember the company name i was too distracted by the whole low budget porn film vibe, I don't actually have kids but how is that ok to show on day time tv?!

tallwivglasses · 06/01/2011 12:47

Thanks Brandy Smile

I remember years ago watching DD and her little pal doing Beyonce's dance in Crazy for Love (?) It was very funny but I felt a bit uncomfortable.

DD's ambition for a while was to become a lapdancer having seen a 'pretty lady' on a billboard for the local club on a telephone box Shock and so began the first of many mother/daughter discussions about feminism!

OP posts:
TheBrandyButterflyEffect · 06/01/2011 15:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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