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"Thank you DH for looking after the boys" WTF

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thefinerthingsinlife · 02/01/2011 13:41


A friend of mine thanked her H on FB (I know, I know) for looking after their DS' so she could go shopping!!

They are his children too! Why does he need to be thanked it's his duty as a father to look after his children.

Just makes me so mad, when is she every thanked for doing the same 24/7

OP posts:
thefinerthingsinlife · 02/01/2011 13:42

sorry there is meant to be a question mark on the end of that

OP posts:
usualsuspect · 02/01/2011 13:44

sometimes people like to be nice to each other

SwearyMary · 02/01/2011 13:45

I always say thank you to DH when he is helpful.....he is more likely to do it again then Grin
Plus being nice to each other is, well, nice!

usualsuspect · 02/01/2011 13:46

sorry didn't see this was in the feminist topic

SwearyMary · 02/01/2011 13:47

Ohhh, I thought it was chat!!! Shock
Sorry ladies.

pozzled · 02/01/2011 13:48

Well my DH would thank me if he had a 'day off' at the weekend with no childcare responsibilities. Not publically on facebook I hasten to add!

But if the childcare is usually shared and one partner has time off for themselves- not for work or something that has to be done- then it seems polite to say thank you.

TrillianAstra · 02/01/2011 13:51

It's twee and irritating to thank someone on facebook for anything if they live in the same house as you - unless you are showing off 'thank you for for diamond earrings' etc.

I hope that if she had looked after the children at the weekend so he could go and play golf or whatever then he would thank her too.

(assuming here that shopping is a leisure activity not going to Sainsburys to buy food)

AitchTwoOh · 02/01/2011 13:53

agree with pozzled.

thefinerthingsinlife · 02/01/2011 13:53

As far as I know he never thanks her as in his eyes that's her "job" and she's lucky he helps her at all.

OP posts:
TrillianAstra · 02/01/2011 14:04

Well that's different then isn't it?

In general there's nothing wrong with what you wrote in the OP.

I think we'd all agree that looking after children on your own is work. If one partner does something that is work so that the other can do something that is fun (whatever they consider that to be) then it is nice to be thanked.

snowflake69 · 02/01/2011 15:08

My husband thanks me for babysitting our daughter all the time.

Just cause they are my kids doesnt mean I shouldnt be thanked by my husband when I babysit them.

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